Tips for Choosing a Car Paint Workshop

 Car Paint

Many people still find it difficult to choose a car paint repair shop that has the same price and quality of work. Because a good and stylish car color can provide several benefits to private car owners. Like security and safety. A car with a good color appearance that is clearly visible when on the road will provide safety to fellow road users. In addition to security and safety benefits, a good car color can also increase the driver’s confidence. So that a car with good paint can provide useful colors for the driver. So what are the problems related to car paint that reduce the color appearance of the car?

Frequent use of cars exposed to sun exposure, rain, maybe even scratched by other vehicles or because a car is getting older can cause the exterior paint of the car to no longer be as beautiful as new. The most effective way to restore the appearance of an old car is to repaint the parts that need repair.

The number of auto paint workshops may be confusing for some. Even though there are many choices with these many workshops, private vehicle owners still have to decide which workshop is suitable and suits their needs and tastes. So sometimes vehicle owners have to be careful if they want to choose a car paint shop or body repair. Don’t just be tempted by cheap prices, but pay attention to the following things!

Pay Attention To The Facilities

The first car tip in choosing care for a car is to be careful and careful in choosing a car paint workshop. Pay attention to references from friends, then compare one workshop to another. Pay attention to what facilities are provided by each workshop. Does the workshop have modern painting tools or not. Then the availability of open space, modern spray paint to welding equipment.

Pay Attention To The Process And Results

Complete facilities do not mean that the car’s exterior paintwork is satisfactory. If a car has a heavy accident such as a collision, the first process that must be done is to restore the car body to its previous condition. The welding process until the body plate returns to its original state is mandatory, do not paint it directly.

Another thing that must also be considered is to observe the final results of other cars that have been painted in the workshop. Look closely at the similarity in the paint color of all cars that have been repaired. A good repair shop will not allow the slightest streak of color on the painted part.

Consider Costs

This is the final step in choosing an auto paint repair shop. We also have to choose a painting workshop according to the budget we have, don’t always force it when your money is not enough for a better workshop. Why this last step is to talk about costs, because if we can find a repair shop that has the same price and quality, why not? Because when we pay dearly, but the results provided by the workshop cannot satisfy the hearts of its customers, it is very unfortunate. Better to try to find a workshop that has the right price and quality of workmanship.

Check Out Customer Reviews Or Testimonials

Well-known auto paint shops certainly have a lot of customers. So, don’t forget to look at their customer reviews. The professional repair shop will display their customer ratings publicly either on the site or on google map location. The more customers who comment positively because they get good service, the more feasible the service is.

Those are the tips for choosing a practical car paint workshop for you to try. So many reviews and see informative and interesting reviews. May be useful!

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Tips To Bring Along When You Go Car Shopping


There are many details that need to be addressed when making an auto purchase. If you are unaware of these details, you could find yourself overpaying for the car that is not right for you. You will find some great advice in the article that follows that will assist you in purchasing your next car.

Looking for This Information Online

If you are trading in an automobile, visit your local library and find out the value of your car. You can also look this information up online in several different locations. By having the trade-in value of your car and the retail value of your car you can negotiate better.

Visit your local bank and get pre-approved for a automobile loan. This one step cannot only save you a lot of time at dealership, but it will also save you money most of the time. By getting a loan at your bank, you can negotiate your interest rate more effectively; thus, lowering your overall payment.

Buy A Car in Accordance With The Budget

Know your limits. Before you start shopping for your next car or truck, decide how much you can afford to pay, and stick to it. Don’t forget to include interest in your calculations. You can expect to pay around 20 percent as a down payment as well, so be prepared.

Before you even walk out the door to go to the different dealerships to search for an automobile to purchase, do your homework. If you have a specific car make and model that you are considering buying, do some background research. Have there been numerous recalls for this vehicle. What do current and former owners of this make and model say about their automobile?

Don’t Buy a Car Online

Don’t buy a car online from someone without going and checking it out first. If you are not mechanically inclined, bring someone that is. Also be wary of deals that seem too good to be true. People will take advantage of you if you’re not good with cars, so try to bring along someone that knows about them.

A great way to test out a car is to rent the model you desire. This will give you a chance to spend some time driving the vehicle. Take a road trip with the family, and put the car through its paces to determine if it will work out well for your family. This is an easy way to get lots of first hand experience with a vehicle before making the purchase commitment.

Check Your Credit Report Before Going to The Dealer

If you’re worried about your credit score, you can check your credit report before you go to the dealership. It’s free to check your credit report once a year, so take advantage of that. By knowing your credit before you go to the dealership, you’ll be able to determine if you’d be able to qualify for any low interest financing offers.

Take what you have learned in this article and use it as you make the decisions for your next car. Pay close attention to the details incorporated with auto purchases. Avoiding common mistakes during this process will help you remain happy with the purchase you have made for years to come.…

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How to Detect a Damaged Car CVT

Damaged Car CVT

As a vehicle user, there is nothing wrong with knowing the symptoms of a damaged car CVT. This is important because you can detect it early so that damage can be treated immediately. Basically, CVT car transmission technology must be maintained and cared for just like other components to avoid damage. The reason is, damage to one CVT supporting component can result in damage to other components.

CVT damage is generally triggered by wrong driving behavior. For example, driving with a rough or aggressive driving style. In addition, CVT damage can also be caused by incorrectly positioning the gear or gear ratio. For example, when the car is moving, the gear is suddenly lowered in trip tonic mode. This will make the CVT go the extra mile and the engine will roar. In addition, another common symptom that could be an indication of a problematic CVT is a strange sound when the car is being driven. Other symptoms that can be detected as CVT damage include:

 Detecting Damaged Car CVT Through Annoying Sounds

As mentioned briefly above, a symptom of a damaged car CVT is the emergence of annoying noises originating from the transmission. For example, when the shift lever is moved from P to R or from N to D, unusual sounds will arise. In addition, other strange sounds can occur when the car is running. Usually in the form of an annoying sound that reaches the cabin.

Response Backward Slightly Late

Another symptom of a damaged car CVT is reversing. Usually, if you go back, the response from the transmission is a bit late. Even though the automatic transmission lever is in the R position, you have to wait a long time like you have to be on the gas before the car starts to reverse.

Generally, if a car with an automatic transmission is in good health, when the automatic transmission lever is in the R position, the car can immediately reverse easily, simply by lifting the gas lever.

There Is A Loud Bang

In addition, another sign that you are starting to need attention is when you enter the D (Drive) position, you feel a loud thump. This shock is like a forced transmission gear and the engine speed is not damped properly.

It could be that this is due to an initial fault in the electronic or mechanical system. If it is severe, the symptoms are when the car is in D transmission, the car takes a long time to respond.

Even the towing of the car becomes slow or worse, the car may not be able to run. These characteristics apply to any type of automatic transmissions, such as conventional automatic transmission cars, CVT, and even dual-clutch automatic transmissions.

If you have experienced damage like this, there is usually a problem with the gearbox. Inevitably you have to check the car’s gearbox. Because it could be, the cable inside is peeling or even broken. If your gearbox cable has problems, the arm on the gearbox does not move so that the gear fails to follow the lever.…

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Need Tips For Buying A Car Smartly?

Buying a used car can be tricky, no matter how much you already know about cars. There are lots of different things to consider so that you don’t end up buying a piece of junk that breaks down right away. Use some great tips of the trade in the following article to help you make your next car choice.

The asking price of a car is always just a starting point, and you should never pay that amount. The list price is certainly not set in stone. If you don’t think you can properly negotiate, bring along someone who can. Make sure you research the car you are interested in first, however, so you have some idea of what to offer.

Before you even walk out the door to go to the different dealerships to search for an automobile to purchase, do your homework. If you have a specific car make and model that you are considering buying, do some background research. Have there been numerous recalls for this vehicle. What do current and former owners of this make and model say about their automobile?

Make sure that when you are car shopping that you know what you’re looking for first. Call around to some of the dealerships and see if they have something you’d be interested in. You may also be able to find their website and check out the vehicles before spending time going up there.

You should be aware of what you can afford first and foremost. This will allow you to know how much of a payment you can afford. Tally the amount you will be able to spend on your monthly car payments. You should look for loans before going out to look for cars.

One important thing to keep in mind is the overall average value of cars in your country. By knowing the general value, you can see if the car lot where you are shopping is overcharging or not. If you feel all their prices are too high, simply move on to the next one.

Decide whether you want a used car or a new one. A new car has the obvious advantages, but used cars can be a pretty good deal as well. There are many certified used cars now that have been found to perform well, and cost substantially less than new cars do.

Don’t expect to make a purchase in your first dealership. In fact, if you do so, then you are probably making a bad purchase. Shopping around is always important, and this is especially true when it comes to making an intelligent purchase with a car or truck. Take your time and look around.

As you now know, there are many things to consider when purchasing a used car. There are lots of different warning signs to look out for, but if you take the time and do your research, you can end up with a great car that will last for years to come. So go out there and find your next dream car!…

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How to Patch a Leaking Car Radiator

Leaking car radiator a be caused by several reasons. For example, because the radiator cap has started to weaken. Usually, this is due to damage to the rubber on the radiator cap which can make the radiator water run out faster than usual, it’s better for you to patch the car radiator than have to replace a new one. In addition, leaks can also be caused by an old radiator. Because every component in the car does have a lifespan of each, including the radiator.

In addition, a leaking car radiator can also be caused by a clogged radiator channel. This can happen if you often use plain water and don’t pay close attention to the condition of the radiator water, over time dirt will appear that can block the radiator water distribution line. Well, what most often happens, a car radiator can leak due to hitting a foreign object, such as gravel, or even due to a collision.

In addition, the radiator can also leak because the rubber has started to become brittle. Due to the function and location of the radiator which is always close to the engine heat, other supporting components can also experience brittleness.

Patch The Leaking Car Radiator Yourself

If you are in an emergency, there is no need to worry if the car radiator has a leak. Because the tool that functions as an engine coolant can be patched, without the need to take it to a repair shop

For the steps to repair a leaky radiator are as follows. Citing the Daihatsu Indonesia page, car radiator leaks can occur at any time, including aluminum radiators. Currently, there are two types of how the radiator water circulation works, namely vertical and horizontal. Both can be distinguished from the pipe or fins. If it is vertical, then the water flows from the top inlet and then down through the outlet pipe, if it is horizontal, then the water will flow to the side.

Confirm the Leak Location

The first way to patch a leaky car radiator is to make sure the location of the leak is on the radiator, not the hose. If a leak occurs at the hose connection, it is enough to just glue it using an anti-heat sealer and clamp it.

Prepare the Keys

If it has been confirmed that a leak has occurred in the radiator, then prepare a wrench, wrench, plus screwdriver, minus screwdriver, and pliers. These tools are used to remove the radiator from the hood. Furthermore, if the leak is in a location that requires removing the radiator from the car, then you can involve other people to help lower the radiator, which might be a bit of a hassle for ordinary people. Then refill the radiator with water to check for leaks. This is important so that no errors occur when patching.

Patch with Epoxy Glue

When the location of the leak is known, then plug the ends which are usually on the top and bottom or left and right. So that water can no longer flow in the leaking pipe.

We recommend that the drying process is allowed up to 3 hours before the radiator is used again. That was how to patch a leaky car radiator independently.

If you don’t have time to repair your car’s radiator yourself, you can take it to a trusted radiator specialist repair shop. This also ensures that the work can be done by a professional.

This is a review regarding how to patch a leaky car radiator. Keep watching for the latest automotive news updates.…

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The Causes of Car Defogger Easily Damaged

The foggy windshield is certainly very disturbing visibility when driving. Therefore, some new cars are now equipped with a defogger feature. This feature serves to prevent the appearance of condensation on the windshield. The car defogger is usually located on the rear windshield. However, car owners often do not pay attention to this feature. Like other components, the defogger can also be easily damaged if not cared for properly. A damaged defogger certainly cannot function optimally. The following are the causes of a car defogger that is easily damaged.

The defogger on the car can only be turned off manually. The use of defogger is only used for a certain time. Therefore, turn off the defogger when not in use. In its own way, the defogger heats the filament attached to the glass. After the filament is hot, the dew will evaporate. If the dew on the glass has disappeared, the driver must immediately turn off the defogger. A defogger that is left on is certainly one of the causes of a car defogger that is easily damaged.

Car Defogger Forgot To Disable

The defogger on the car can only be turned off manually. The use of defogger is only used for a certain time. Therefore, turn off the defogger when not in use. In its own way, the defogger heats the filament attached to the glass. After the filament is hot, the dew will evaporate. If the dew on the glass has disappeared, the driver must immediately turn off the defogger. A defogger that is left on is certainly one of the causes of a car defogger that is easily damaged.

Wrong Car Glass Cleaning Technique

Cleaning the glass carelessly can damage the car’s defogger. In addition, the use of glass cleaner must also be considered when cleaning the car defogger. Use an appropriate cleaning fluid and clean the glass carefully. Incorrect technique and proper cleaning fluid can cause corrosion of the defogger.

Car Defogger Can Be Damaged Due to Window Film Replacement

In order to make the car look cooler, car owners usually change the window film. Keep in mind that indiscriminate replacement of the window film on the back glass can damage the window film. The defogger filament can break if the window film is replaced carelessly. Therefore, car owners should pay attention to the filament on the defogger before replacing the window film…

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Buying A New Car? This Article Has The Tips You Need

Car shopping is something everyone must do when they need a vehicle. There are tons of things to consider, however. If you just aren’t sure what all you need to do when you’re looking for a car, then this guide will help you. Follow along for solid advice on car buying.

You should take the car-buying process very seriously. Many people are so happy about the prospect of buying a car that they do not think of the seriousness of the task. Buying a car is a serious financial investment, and you should do all you can to remain businesslike.

Never buy a car on your first purchase to the showroom. Every car dealer will try to get you to walk out with a new set of keys in hand. While this may be tempting, understand that this is a big purchase. Take your time shopping around and make sure that the deal you’re being offered is really the best one for you.

A mechanic of your choosing should always inspect a used vehicle prior to purchase. If the seller or dealer declines, take your business elsewhere. A mechanic will help you identify issues and recognize signs of a wreck if you are purchasing a used car.

You should never pay a car’s sticker price. The sticker price isn’t set in stone. Bring a haggler with you if it’s not your forte. It is smart to know what an appropriate price for the specific car is in advance so that you can decide how much you want to pay.

Be aggressive and assertive. You will inevitably end up negotiating the price of your vehicle, so don’t be afraid to push a little. Be prepared to walk away from the dealership if you aren’t making progress. Leave the offer alone for a day or two, and then contact the salesman again. If they know that you are willing to walk away, they will be more likely to accept your offer or to counter-offer with a more reasonable price.

Take an extended test drive. Don’t just take it for a quick spin through the neighborhood by yourself. Instead, enlist everyone who will be regularly riding in the car to share their opinions. Ask the dealer for a full afternoon test drive so that you have the chance to take it on the freeway to check things like the pickup and the blind spots, and spend some time really feeling the comfort of the interior.

Find out the vehicle’s mileage before you agree to purchase it. Even if you know a particular car should get a certain gas mileage, be sure that it still does. A car can lose its efficiency overtime, which can mean a large expense in getting to the places you need to go.

As the above article said, it’s important to consider a variety of things when going car shopping. If you take the above advice and stick to it, you’ll have an easier time when you’re looking for a vehicle. Don’t delay and start your car shopping soon so you can get the car you want!…

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Causes of Engine Overheat in Vehicles

Causes of Engine Overheat in Vehicles. The engine is an important component of the vehicle. The engine has a function as a place to burn fuel in vehicles. If there is no engine or the engine is damaged, then the vehicle cannot be used. Because the engine has a function as a combustion chamber, surely the engine will receive a hot temperature. However, the vehicle must have been designed so that the engine does not overheat. Here will be discussed the causes of engine overheating in vehicles. The causes are shown below.

Engine Overheat in Vehicles due to Leaking Radiator

The next cause is leaky radiator leaks are usually caused by grill corrosion. This is because the radiator is filled with non-radiator water (coolant). If you don’t use radiator water, the radiator will leak due to corrosion.

Radiator Fan Dead or Damaged

The first cause of an engine overheating in a vehicle is a dead or damaged radiator fan. The radiator fan has a function as a coolant for the engine. If the radiator fan is dead or damaged, then the engine in the vehicle has no coolant. So the temperature in the engine will increase and cause the engine to overheat.

Damaged or Improper Radiator Cap

The second cause is the radiator cap is damaged or not up to standard. The radiator cover has a very important function in the engine cooling process. Its function is to provide access to the coolant when the pressure in the radiator system is too high due to engine heat.

Liquid-filled radiator systems work in a vacuum, the pressure in them is regulated by each manufacturer and can vary in size. Looking at the radiator cover,  the pressure bar numbers are 0.9, 1.1, or 1.2.

If you replace the radiator cover with a product that does not meet the standards, it can cause the cooling system to work on the engine to be disrupted. If the product does not match, it is certain that the engine will be hot.

If a leak occurs, the coolant will be wasted. So that the coolant is not enough to cool the engine in the vehicle. If the coolant is lacking for a long time, then the temperature in the engine will increase excessively or commonly called overheating.

Oil Not Flowing

The last clause of the engine overheating is the oil is not flowing properly. The oil that does not flow properly is caused by a distribution system that is not smooth. As a result, other engine components cannot be lubricated to the maximum.

The oil that does not flow regularly can make the engine overheat easily. This is because the engine components of the vehicle are dry, so the longer they rub, the hotter they become. A hot engine will make the vehicle overheat if it is turned on for too long.…

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How to Clean Car Gasoline Filter

The car gasoline filter does have a significant role because it can help maintain the car’s performance. This part is very important, but there are still many drivers who do not know about the fuel filter. If you are negligent in carrying out maintenance on the car’s gasoline filter, it will be very detrimental to the driver. In general, the fuel filter is difficult to open, but it can still be cleaned to remove any accumulated dirt.

If the dirt that has accumulated is too severe, then you should replace the air filter with a new one. Because dirt that settles for too long will be very difficult to clean and usually takes a long time. In general, the cleanliness of fuel is very important to maintain, because even a small amount of dirt can obstruct the flow of fuel and this will interfere with the fuel system.

Dirt that clogs in the filter also makes the car difficult to start or start, this is due to blocked fuel flow. Therefore, clean the fuel filter regularly. You don’t need to bother taking your car to a repair shop, because the dirt cleaning process can be done very easily. At least there are several ways you can do to clean the fuel filter, to avoid the dirt that sticks.

Start Cleaning the Car Gasoline Filter

You can enter the stage of cleaning the filter on car gasoline. Please hold the fuel filter section and insert the hose into the inside. Then just spray the fuel filter using a special liquid. Please attach the nozzle to the spray and insert it into the other end leading to the filter and spray. Let everything come in and out of the bottle, then you just repeat this step from both ends of the bottle.

Ways to Prevent Overheat in Your Car Engine

Before you enter the fuel filter cleaning process, make sure you know where the fuel filter is. The location of the fuel filter in each car is usually different, depending on the type of car. There is a fuel filter that flows into the carburetor or injection system. If it is correct, then you can sort it back to be able to reach your car filter. By knowing its location, then you can carry out the next process.

Make Sure No Gasoline Gets Sprayed

To perform maintenance on a car’s gasoline filter, you can try to open the clamp that is on the fuel line and is usually located at a distance of Inches at the hose outlet and inlet. Clamps should also be tightened using a flat head screwdriver. Then you can close the hose using clamps and this will ensure that no gasoline is sprayed or is safe.

Prepare the Container Under the Filter

For those of you who want to clean the fuel filter, this can be done by preparing a container and placing it under the gasoline filter. Then you can open the clamp cover, then attach the filter to the hose.

When opening the clamp, you can pull the hose on the filter and let the gasoline out. If you remove all the hoses, then let all the gasoline that remains in it drain out smoothly.

Tapping Filter Surface

This method is enough to press on the filter or you can also use a screwdriver by pressing on the handle. Make sure that you can tap all the circles on the surface of the car’s fuel filter properly.

Spray Again and Dry

Then you can spray again and can spray the fuel filter with a sprayer. When it has been sprayed, make sure you dry the fuel filter for about an hour.


If you are sure that the fuel filter is clean, then you can reinstall the fuel filter to its original position. Make sure to do the installation correctly, so that the fuel or gasoline filter can work optimally.

Change Filter If Needed

If the condition of the fuel filter is bad or damaged, then you must replace it with a new one. You can buy a new car fuel filter that is adjusted to the specifications of the car you have.…

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