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The Main Factors That Cause A Smelly Car Air Conditioner

Taking lightly the problem of smelly car air conditioners can be fatal. Your health and comfort and that of other passengers may be compromised. Here are five reasons and solutions to overcome them. Smelly car air conditioners can usually make the owner have to pay more for maintenance because they have to buy car fresheners regularly. The price of a car freshener is certainly not cheap. Besides that, the quality and price will not guarantee that the car’s air conditioner will smell better.

Forcing the use of a car freshener on a dirty air conditioner will produce a sour and musty smell. Car passengers will not feel comfortable enjoying the trip, thus making the presence of a car air conditioner useless. Knowing this is very important to make sure you find the source of this problem. And find out why this problem happened to your car. It is hoped that you will know what things to do to prevent similar problems from happening again. The causes of these problems include:

Dirty Cabins and Interiors Cause A Smelly Car Air Conditioner

The cause of the car air conditioner smell can be caused by a dirty cabin and interior. dust and Dirt can be the cause and produce an unpleasant odor. This is due to a buildup on the evaporator section, then the dust mushroomed into foul-smelling dirt. Tips to avoid it are to:

Frequently Clean The Cabin And Car Interior Regularly

Avoid accumulation of dust in the cabin and interior of the car. How to do the cleaning can be by regularly wiping the area around the cabin or dashboard. Or by washing the car’s air conditioner regularly.

Also, Avoid Using Car Fresheners That Contain Alcohol

Why? Because the smell of alcohol will make a musty smell when applied to a car with a dirty dashboard. Doing regular cleaning in the area around the cabin and dashboard, not only makes the car air conditioner fresher but also maintains the health of you and other car passengers.

Dirty Car AC Evaporator

This car air conditioner component will indeed get dirty over time. And when it is dirty, the car air conditioner will smell and can carry germs. Therefore, it is very important to keep your car’s evaporator clean. The ways that can be done to keep the car’s evaporator clean are:

  • Wash the evaporator regularly
  • Checking the condition of the evaporator on
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5 Characteristics Of A Broken Car Thermostat

The broken Car thermostat. But before that, there is nothing wrong if we know the function of the thermostat. Usually, the thermostat is to regulate the circulation of engine coolant coming from the radiator. if the thermostat does not work, automatically the ideal temperature needed by the engine is difficult to achieve. This causes the amount of fuel that enters the engine cylinder to be not balanced, resulting in a stronger vibration effect on the engine.

While the impact in the long term, the machine will not last. Without a thermostat, the cooling water circulation is too smooth, so the water that has not undergone the cooling process in the radiator has returned to the engine.

Water that has not reached the optimal temperature is also directly flowed into the radiator. This condition makes the engine will not experience an optimal cooling process and risks making the engine overheat more easily. The following is a complete review of the characteristics of a damaged car thermostat:

Characteristics Of A Broken Car Thermostat That Is Jammed

The next feature of a broken car thermostat is the opposite of the previous one. Where the temperature is high enough even to reach a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius, but the thermostat also doesn’t open, or in easy terms, it is often called a stuck thermostat.

This will create conditions in which the water lines in the radiator cannot circulate and keep the engine hot. The way to fix it is, of course, by replacing it with a new one. for maximum engine performance.

Thermostat Keeps Open

The first characteristic of a broken car thermostat is that it is the easiest to notice, which is that it is constantly open. Because the conditions are normal, the thermostat will always be closed at room temperature. Or simply, if the temperature is still around 30 degrees Celsius and is already open, then you can be sure that the circulation of the cooling water or the water pump on your car’s thermostat has a problem.

If you don’t know when the thermostat opens and closes, then there are things you can do to check it. Pay attention when the temperature is only 30 degrees or only a few minutes is turned on then the temperature will change quickly. This means that the thermostat on your car is damaged. If you have this, then there is nothing … Read the rest

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5 Tips for Driving a Car during Covid-19

Here are some tips for driving a car during Covid-19. In the era of the omicron virus as it is today, the transmission of Covid-19 is getting easier and faster. Therefore, for those of you who often do outdoor activities, you must be vigilant. What’s more, you often travel by vehicle. Because even though you use a vehicle, it doesn’t mean it’s safe from the spread of the virus.

There are still risks where the virus can enter and stick in the car cabin. This is of course very dangerous, because the virus, which was originally outside, may enter the car and then enter the family environment at home. In order to stay safe and protected from the Covid-19 virus while driving a car, there are several things you can do as a preventive measure.

Wash Your Hands Before and After Driving a Car during Covid-19

Keeping hands clean before and after driving are tips for driving a car during Corona that must be done to minimize the potential for being infected with the Covid-19 virus. Because as we know hands are the most vulnerable body parts as an intermediary medium in the transfer of the Covid-19 virus. Don’t forget to keep wearing a mask, especially when you have a fever, cold, and cough

Clean Interior With Car Disinfectant

There are a number of spots on the car that would be a favorite place for the presence of the virus. For example, in-car components that are often touched, such as the steering wheel, audio buttons, power window buttons, door handles, and seat belts. For this reason, car owners must be diligent in cleaning these components with disinfectants. But how to clean it should not use any chemical drugs.

The right type of disinfectant for car interiors is water-based, not chemical-based. In addition, according to him, a chemical base has the potential to damage other components of the car, such as leather.

Bring Hand Sanitizer

In addition, tips for driving a car during the next corona are advised to always carry cleaning fluids such as hand sanitizer. This is important because generally in a car it will be difficult to find clean soap and water.

With a hand sanitizer, it will be easier to clean your hands. Apply this cleaning fluid after you pay for parking, or after holding money in the car. This is so that your hands are … Read the rest

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How Do Car Turbo Engines Work and Function?

Everyone knows that cars need an engine to run. One type of engine used in automobiles is a turbocharged engine. This one machine has a very important use in driving a car. However, few people know what this part of a turbocharged car engine means. Of course, many don’t know how this section works, works and offers benefits. Knowing the capabilities of your car turbo engines will help you better understand how important this component is to your car. Below are the details about the turbo engine in the car.

How a Car Turbo Engines Works

The turbocharger uses hot air from the engine exhaust. This application is intended to increase the pressure and density of the air in the combustion chamber. How it works, that is, the exhaust coming from the engine is not routed directly to the exhaust. Instead, the exhaust gas is first sent to the turbo portion of the car that houses the rotating turbine.

In addition, the compressor can use mechanical energy to compress or draw more air into the combustion chamber of the engine from the outside. The number of revolutions generated by a turbo can reach up to 150,000 rpm, which is up to 30 times the engine speed of a normal car. The new turbo will start working when the engine spins at a certain speed. This is because the new turbine will rotate when the exhaust gas is under sufficient pressure. The faster the engine speed, the stronger the momentum from the exhaust gas to the turbine.  The stronger the movement of the

turbine, the greater the rotation of the compressor. The air entering the combustion chamber becomes more oxygenated, denser, and has higher pressure. For this reason, the fuel-air mixture in the combustion chamber can have high explosive power when the spark plug ignites and ignites the two mixtures.

Turbo Engine Function

The turbo is part of the vehicle’s exhaust pipe. The function of a car turbo is to use the exhaust gas from the engine to rotate the propeller to generate a large amount of compressed air. There are two turbines on one shaft of the

turbo. The first turbine is a power turbine used as a player and the other is called a driven turbine because it is rotated by the first turbine. The power that drives the turbine engine comes from the exhaust gas of the engine. … Read the rest