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The Importance of Vehicle Batteries

It’s common for the battery in a car to last between three and five years. While top-of-the-line batteries are extremely reliable, the maintenance and replacement of a vehicle’s battery are unnecessary. However, many car owners quickly forget about the importance of vehicle batteries until their car refuses to start. A battery is a small part of your car’s electrical system, and you may not know how much juice it loses until something happens to the battery.

Battery technology

Vehicle batteries winter garden fl is a key ingredient in an electric car. The growing EV market relies heavily on cobalt and lithium, which are abundantly available. Lithium reserves are included in BP’s Statistical Review of World Energy. However, there are still major limitations to battery technology for electric vehicles. 

Automakers have admitted that battery capitalization is a problem and are looking to start remaking it domestically. China has already been a leading battery producer, and domestic battery inventors recognize this as a critical area for U.S. manufacturers. The Energy Department is considering financing battery makers and companies that produce battery minerals. It has at least ten pending applications worth $15 million. Automakers are pouring money into start-up companies like Factorial Energy, which has only 100 employees in Woburn, Massachusetts. The company’s executives have stopped returning phone calls from automakers who want to invest in their technology. However, they are working hard to develop faster-charging batteries with more energy.

Lithium-ion battery technology

The primary advantage of Lithium-ion battery technology for vehicles is its energy density, or how much energy is stored in a kilogram of the metal. Lithium-ion batteries typically comprise eight kilograms of lithium and up to 35 kilograms of nickel, cobalt, and manganese. They are separated by a thin layer of conductive ionic liquid called the electrolyte. When charged, the lithium ions are shuttled from the anode (the positive electrode) to the negative electrode cathode. This process allows the battery to charge and discharge.

The manufacturing process of Li-ion batteries is mainly straightforward, but there are some important steps in their development. First, researchers suggest evaluating the availability of lithium and other materials that can be used for battery production. Then, among other things, they should determine the potential for scale-up and the cost of these materials. Ultimately, these factors could either increase or lower the cost of the battery.

Lead-acid battery technology

Lead-acid battery technology for vehicles was Read the rest


Ways to Care for Car Brakes Correct and Easy

Brakes are one of the important things needed by vehicles, be it motorbikes or cars. Many car owners pay less attention to the car brakes, let alone to bring problems later on. The car brake itself consists of various components, such as discs, brake pads or canvas, an anti-lock system, and a master cylinder. Various components that support the performance of pressure, strength, or tensile strength must be regularly maintained.

Then, how to properly care for car brakes? Is it difficult to check a car’s brake system that has been damaged? Come on, see more information

Turning the Car Brake Disc

Because the surface on the brake pads can become thinner as the vehicle travels, squeaking sounds often occur. Treatment that you can do is sand or lathe the brake pads or discs of the car so that the surface remains flat. However, this condition applies if the physical condition of the brake pads or discs is still in excellent condition. When it is thin it would be better to replace it because it can cause cracks or break in the disc.

Disc and Brake Pad Cleaning

The brakes on the disc have an open shape so they will always face the road that has dust and foreign particles. Of course, the main treatment is to clean the brake disc from dirt on the brake canvas or piston which reduces the effectiveness of the brake system. The two main parts, namely the brake disc and brake disc, both need to be checked and cleaned regularly, especially after passing through dusty roads or roads with puddles of water.

Spraying Disc Cleaner

The discs you use are also made of metal that can rot or rust. To care for it, you can wash it regularly, but if it gets rusty, you can immediately clean it with a rust cleaner like

Checking Car Caliper Condition

There is a component called a caliper in the brake section that presses the canvas to the engine, causing the car to slow down. This part of the caliper is quite rarely damaged, but there are several factors that can reduce its performance.

Some of the cases that often occur include the condition of the brakes shaking or shifting which is marked by the brake process halting when used.

Routinely Change Brake Lubricant or Brake Fluid

One thing that is important and the main thing is … Read the rest

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Types Of Car Seat Cover Materials And How To Clean Them

Car Seat Cover

The appearance of an attractive car interior is an added value for your car. With the perfect interior, you will also feel safer and more comfortable when driving. One part of the interior of the car that is quite highlighted for added comfort is the seat, especially if the material of the car seat cover is soft. There are several types of car seat upholstery materials according to the owner’s needs and how to clean them also varies. Check out his presentation below.

Nylon Car Seat Cover

The upholstery fabric on car seats generally consists of two types, namely nylon, and polyester. Nylon is a common fabric used by manufacturers to coat their car seats. The reason, nylon fabric can be durable and very porous is because of the many pores.

Well, in order to be durable and long-lasting, you must be diligent in cleaning it from dust and other dirt that sticks to it using a vacuum cleaner. Then you can also use a small amount of cleaning fluid mixed with warm water. Then, use a sponge to scoop up the liquid mixture and start gently wiping the upholstery. When finished, soak the sponge in cold water and then wipe it all over the upholstery to remove any remaining detergent.

Polyester Material

Polyester is also commonly used as upholstery in the form of microsuede. The soft material resembles the texture of furry leather which makes it even more comfortable. But to clean it is not easy. Not only are the materials very porous but also very susceptible to stains and dirt sticking. No need to worry because you can clean all the dirt yourself at home easily.

You can use a wrung-out damp cloth. Use a cleaning liquid that contains a low pH, such as baby soap. Make sure not to soak this layer too deep when you want to wash it because if it doesn’t dry there will be stains attached. Or if you feel bothered, you can wash it directly into the car steam wash.

Vinyl Seat Cover

Vinyl is also one of the most common coating materials used in car seats. Cleaning it is also quite easy with just a clean, slightly damp cloth because the vinyl layer doesn’t have as many pores as polyester and nylon. Only if there are stubborn stains do you need a special cleaning fluid to remove the dirt.


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Causes of Car Engine Vibrating During Initial Start

Some vehicle owners, of course, have experienced the problem of a car engine vibrating when the initial start is turned on. Don’t worry if you are currently experiencing it. There are several causes that trigger this problem. As one of the symptoms, you can see it directly by opening the hood of the car when the car is turned on. Usually, a car engine that vibrates when it is first started can be seen with the naked eye.

When you open the hood and see the car engine vibrating unusually, there could be a problem. However, don’t panic too much. Because this kind of problem does not make fatal damage to the car. One indication is that it could be a problem with the engine mounting part of your car. If Your Car Engine Vibrates, This Can Be The Cause

 Causes of Car Engine Vibrating due to Damaged Engine Mounting

The engine mount is one of the components on the car that functions as a holder to support the engine and the car body frame. The purpose of the existence of the engine mount is to absorb any vibrations generated by the car engine.

With this engine mounting, it is hoped that the vibrations generated in the engine will not be felt by the driver and passengers in the cabin. In addition to dampening engine vibrations, engine mounting also acts as a suspension for the engine when the car passes on uneven roads.

There are several things that cause engine mounts to malfunction, including frequent shocks that are too hard when driving. This will cause the engine mount to be damaged quickly because the component is made of rubber material which is brittle due to shock.

If this component is damaged and cannot be tricked again, then the only way is to replace the spare part. For its replacement, the price offered is quite draining the pocket.

Spark Plug Off

Although the majority of the causes of a vibrating engine are caused by a faulty engine mount, there are several other problems that can be the cause. In fact, this long-haired mechanic said it could be a problem with the spark plug that caused the car engine to vibrate at the initial start.

Spark plugs or spark plugs that are already weak can also be the cause of vibration in the engine. This is because the supply of gasoline … Read the rest

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How to Spray Car Disinfectant Correctly

Spray Car Disinfectant

Here we convey how to spray car disinfectant. But before that, it doesn’t hurt us to find out first about what kind of disinfectant liquid is safe for car interiors. This time the Covid-19 variant is again endemic comes with a mutation called omicron. And office activities are welcome to return to activities from home. If you have free time, it doesn’t hurt you to go back to spraying disinfectant into the interior of the car. Just in case the harmful germs die. So how do you choose a safe disinfectant for car interiors?

Disinfectant liquid functions to be able to kill bacteria, viruses, germs, and other microorganisms that are lodged on a surface or object in the vicinity. Disinfectant liquid can also be made and mixed yourself using ingredients you have at homes such as bleach, carbolic acid, floor cleaner, and alcohol. However, for use in car interiors, it is not recommended to use a perfunctory disinfectant because it can potentially damage the car interior material.

Safe Way to Spray Car Disinfectant

So, how to spray a car disinfectant that is safe for the interior? The most important thing to note is the content contained in the disinfectant liquid. Tie disinfectant liquid contains a variety of ingredients, ranging from hydrogen peroxide to bleaching agents. So as long as the mixture and levels are appropriate, and have been tested not to be corrosive, then it is safe to use on vehicles.

In addition, when cleaning the interior, the safe method of spraying car disinfectants should avoid using it massively and directly hitting the panel. You do this by spraying disinfectant liquid onto the microfiber cloth first, then cleaning the parts that are touched the most, such as the steering wheel, door trim, transmission lever, hand brake, AC switch button, and others.

Because disinfectant if sprayed directly and massively can cause spots and other bad effects. In addition, it is feared that the liquid will dry up so that it leaves spots and can hit components that may be exposed to water such as LCD panels.

Car Disinfectant Price

What is certain is that the price of car disinfectants depends on the brand and size. In addition, car disinfectants are divided into two types, some are sprayed and some are fogging. The price difference between the two is not much different from each other, only a matter of practicality. If … Read the rest