Don’t panic when Dead Car AC. This problem is only caused by 3 things. The relay is faulty, or the Fuse and V Belt are blown. This is a quick way to fix it. Having a private car is certainly not as beautiful as imagined, because as the owner you have to take care of the car so that its performance is maintained. The car engine must also be considered properly so that it remains powerful when taken on long trips. Apparently, damage to the car engine is unavoidable, including the air conditioner. A dead car air conditioner is one of the signs of engine damage. txtoysales

The death of the car air conditioner is one of the most common engine failures. This will cause the air in the cabin to be not fresh so the temperature can be hot, especially when the weather is hot. This problem certainly has its own characteristics and handlers, many car users do not understand the problem. The following is a solution to deal with a dead car air conditioner:

Blown AC Fuse To Repair Dead Car AC

A blown AC fuse is one of the causes. This can cause engine damage so that the AC does not get the power to turn the fan. A blown AC fuse can occur due to a short in certain parts. If left unchecked, it will cause fatal damage to the ac engine system. The way to handle it is to replace the fuse only. The price will be more affordable when compared to buying a new air conditioner. The ac can work again after the fuse is replaced with a new one. Don’t forget to keep maintaining the AC machine in order to reduce damage to the system.

Relay Not Working

The relay is the most important part as the heart in the AC which has a function to pump electric current to the magnetic clutch. If the relay breaks, then there is nothing to provide electrical energy to the other parts. Relays that don’t work can also cause the AC to turn off completely. The way to deal with this is to fix the AC on the relay only. Make sure the relay is properly attached to the part. If it is not correct, the relay cannot function properly, and the AC still cannot operate again.

Broken V Belt

The next cause of a dead car AC is a broken V belt. The V belt on the dead car air conditioner has a function to connect the compressor to the engine player. If the V belt breaks then the car air conditioner also cannot work normally. This causes the air temperature in the cabin to be hot and reduces your comfort while driving. The way to deal with this problem is to check the V belt on the air conditioner. If it really breaks then you have to bear the risk by making repairs to the AC system. Make sure to keep taking care of the AC system so that the V belt doesn’t break easily