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5 Characteristics Of A Broken Car Thermostat

The broken Car thermostat. But before that, there is nothing wrong if we know the function of the thermostat. Usually, the thermostat is to regulate the circulation of engine coolant coming from the radiator. if the thermostat does not work, automatically the ideal temperature needed by the engine is difficult to achieve. This causes the amount of fuel that enters the engine cylinder to be not balanced, resulting in a stronger vibration effect on the engine.

While the impact in the long term, the machine will not last. Without a thermostat, the cooling water circulation is too smooth, so the water that has not undergone the cooling process in the radiator has returned to the engine.

Water that has not reached the optimal temperature is also directly flowed into the radiator. This condition makes the engine will not experience an optimal cooling process and risks making the engine overheat more easily. The following is a complete review of the characteristics of a damaged car thermostat:

Characteristics Of A Broken Car Thermostat That Is Jammed

The next feature of a broken car thermostat is the opposite of the previous one. Where the temperature is high enough even to reach a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius, but the thermostat also doesn’t open, or in easy terms, it is often called a stuck thermostat.

This will create conditions in which the water lines in the radiator cannot circulate and keep the engine hot. The way to fix it is, of course, by replacing it with a new one. for maximum engine performance.

Thermostat Keeps Open

The first characteristic of a broken car thermostat is that it is the easiest to notice, which is that it is constantly open. Because the conditions are normal, the thermostat will always be closed at room temperature. Or simply, if the temperature is still around 30 degrees Celsius and is already open, then you can be sure that the circulation of the cooling water or the water pump on your car’s thermostat has a problem.

If you don’t know when the thermostat opens and closes, then there are things you can do to check it. Pay attention when the temperature is only 30 degrees or only a few minutes is turned on then the temperature will change quickly. This means that the thermostat on your car is damaged. If you have this, then there is nothing else you can do besides replace the car’s thermostat with a new one.

Machine Takes Long Time to Achieve Maximum Performance

The next characteristic of a broken car thermostat is that maximum engine performance is difficult to achieve in a short time. This is also related to the first feature, where if the thermostat is damaged or is continuously open, it can also cause the old engine to reach its working temperature.

This condition makes the working temperature of the machine can not be reached maximally. As a result, the performance of the engine was disrupted.

Fuel Becomes Much More Wasteful

The next characteristic of a broken car thermostat is the condition of the engine that becomes more wasteful. Maybe some of you still don’t understand why the problem with the foam thermostat makes the use of fuel wasteful.

This is because the engine temperature continues to be in a low state, so the fuel consumption becomes more because the car engine works harder.

The Machine Often Overheats

The next feature of a damaged car thermostat is engine overheating. Some of the characteristics of overheating include when the car is running it will feel like tickling. In addition, the air conditioner becomes noticeably hotter, the car’s power decreases, the temperature gauge shows a higher temperature, and so on.

Well, that’s the discussion about the characteristics of a damaged car thermostat. If you find it difficult to repair it, please contact a trusted car repair shop for immediate repair.