December 3, 2022

5 CVT Transmission Car Maintenance You Should Know

Having transmission car maintenance is indeed comfortable. The reason is the advantage of it is that the gear shift is not felt. As a result, jerks when driving are minimal. In addition, CVT also makes the car more fuel-efficient. Therefore, many urban vehicles today use this transmission. Although it has many advantages, CVT is not without drawbacks. One of them is if it is damaged, the repair costs are expensive. Therefore, CVT car maintenance must be considered by the owner.

Step On The Gas Must Be Polite To Maintain Your Transmission Car Maintenance

The first maintenance of a CVT car is not to drive it aggressively. This is important because the typical character of CVT pivots on double pulleys and steel belts with flexible working. If the components continue to stiffen or are startled, they may slip and cause damage. Therefore, drive politely.

CVT car owners should know that the habitat of this transmission is in urban areas. So, step on the gas slowly so that the components last. If you want to overtake another vehicle, it’s okay to step on the gas a little deeper but don’t push it too hard. Just slow down!

Make Sure To Shift Gears Properly

You can also do CVT car maintenance by doing the correct gearshift. Especially when you want to enter the opposite gear. For example, after moving forward, then going back. Do not change gears, until the car is completely stopped. And vice versa from back to want to go forward. Then while at high speed, don’t suddenly lower the transmission gear. For example from D, suddenly to L. This can really damage the CVT on automatic cars.

Change Oil Maximum 50 Thousand Km

One way to maintain the next CVT car is to change the transmission oil. Yes, the transmission also has oil and this is very important. Without oil, the pulley and chain on the CVT are impossible to move freely. Even if the oil is bad, it can cause the same thing. The effect is so skidded and can damage the transmission.

So that this does not happen, you can do CVT car maintenance by periodically changing the transmission oil. The minimum replacement is every 30 thousand km, the maximum is 50 thousand km. The point is, the harder your car works like being used as an online taxi, the faster you should change the CVT oil. If the car is idle for longer or working leisurely, then it is permissible to change the transmission oil at the maximum distance.

 Use CVT Special Oil

The next CVT car maintenance that needs to be considered, when changing the oil, make sure to use special oil. Yes, there is a CVT oil and it is different from a conventional automatic. How to find out that CVT oil is not difficult. Generally, there is a CVT written on the package. Then each car brand also has its own oil, so just adjust it to the specifications

CVT Cooler Oil Checked Periodically

Then the next CVT car maintenance is the oil cooler must be checked. Because this component can leak or be damaged. If this happens, it will certainly endanger the transmission. The effect is that the transmission can heat up and reduce its performance. If left unattended, the transmission can be damaged. Unfortunately again, leaking CVT oil cooler is not easy to detect. The reason is that there are no indicators on the car’s instrument panel.

So the most important thing is to always check the condition of the oil cooler regularly. For example, every time you change engine oil, ask a technician to monitor the transmission as well.