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6 Causes of Car AC Not Cold

The emergence of a car air conditioner problem that is not cold must be handled appropriately. Here are the causes and solutions that you must know. By knowing the causative factors, the solution to this problem can be determined immediately. Some people delay fixing the problem of the car AC not cold. Whereas by delaying, the damage can get worse and spread to other components of your car. The problem of air conditioning in a car that is no longer cold is caused by many factors. Different causes, different solutions, of course, the service costs will also be different. As for some of the causes of the problem of the car air conditioner not cold, among others, are:

Damage to Magnetic Clutch Can Cause Car AC Not Cold

The magnetic clutch functions as a regulator of engine rotation so that the compressor rotates. However, a magnetic clutch requires magnetism to work optimally. Loss of magnetism can cause the car’s AC compressor to not rotate properly.

 Broken or Dislodged Car AC Fan Belt

A fan belt is a belt that connects the engine speed with the car’s AC compressor. If the fan belt is broken or dislodged, the compressor is not rotating. If the compressor does not rotate, the condenser does not work and the freon does not cool the air. Predictably, problems arise such as the car air conditioner is not cold or just blows the wind.

Excessive Heat in Car AC Engine and Compressor

The temperature of the engine (be it a car engine, or a compressor engine) that is too hot can spread and eventually cause the freon to heat up too. As a result, the quality of the freon is reduced. At some point, the quality of the freon was lost. The hot freon is no longer able to cool the condensed air in the AC condenser. The result is not only that the car air conditioner only blows out, but in certain cases it causes the car air conditioner to not cool and only emits hot air. To solve this problem, of course, by replacing the car AC freon. Be sure to replace it with freon which is more resistant to heat exposure. Thus, the freon will be maximized in cooling your car room.

Car AC Not Cold Due to Freon Leak

Reduction or exhaustion of freon is impossible unless there is a leak in the AC line. Therefore, if your car’s AC freon is reduced, immediately look for the leak point. If you have found a leak point, you can patch it or tighten the connection. There are several points that are often the source of freon leaks, including Seals, corroded condensers, cracked AC compressors, old and weathered hoses.

Dirty Evaporator Makes Car AC Not Cold

A dirty evaporator can cause the freon flow to not work as it should. cold air cannot pass through the evaporator. As a result, the car air conditioner not only emits heat but also smells and germs. Because this evaporator is very important, it needs to be cared for properly. The way to take care of it is by regularly washing the air conditioner, not eating and drinking in the car, and not smoking in the car.

Car AC Freon Clogged

Whether or not the air is blown by the air conditioner is cold is strongly influenced by the freon. If the freon doesn’t flow, the exhaled air won’t cool down

So those are some of the reasons why your car’s air conditioner is not cold? If you have trouble finding the cause of this problem, please come to a car AC repair shop for a check.