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All the Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Syringes

If you are a curious person, you may have wondered what all you could do with unused syringes. Never fear, there are plenty of surprising things you can use them to keep them out of the landfill for a little bit longer. You may not want to use them for diesel fuel injection, but there are many other tasks you can accomplish.

Vacuum Seal a Bag

If you are looking for ways to keep things fresher or to take up less room, try doing a little DIY vacuum sealing. Put snacks or whatever items you wish in a plastic bag and seal. Put the needle into the bag and pull the plunger to remove the air. Cover the hole with tape.

Peel an Orange

Who knew that peeling an orange could be so easy? Simply inject water into the orange under the skin until you see it starting to drip out. Once you tear a portion of the peel, it should almost fall off by itself.

Core an Apple

To make your own apple corer, cut off the small end of a large syringe with a sharp knife. Use it to push down over the stem of an apple to core it easily. To remove the core from the syringe, just put the plunger back in and eject it.

Refill Travel Sized Items

For a truly genius life hack, use syringes to refill your travel size toothpaste, moisturizer or other items. Just fill the chamber with toothpaste or other product, then you put the small part of the syringe into the travel container. Inject the contents into the travel-sized container, and you have a refreshed travel item.

Easy Medicine Dosage

It can be quite messy trying to give liquid medication to a baby. Make it easy by using a syringe without a needle. Just fill to the recommended dosage, then plunge into the baby’s mouth. No mess, no waste and a perfect dosage.