Car Paint Fading

Cars as a means of transportation of course have to deal with various weather conditions and various surrounding events that can produce negative effects such as car paint fading. This is what Business Friends need to know so that car paint is always shiny and durable. Car paint that is in contact with extreme and continuous weather changes will of course have its limits. In maintaining the luster of car paint in good condition, prevention is very important.

Sun Exposure That Can Cause Car Paint Fading

This can happen if you always park the car under the heat and heat of the sun. Parking without a roof continuously for a long time will certainly affect the shine of the paint. If left so, then the car paint can fade in some parts. The steps to prevent it are actually quite easy, namely to avoid the parking location, look for or choose one with a roof to avoid direct exposure to the hot sun.

Exposure To Chemical Liquids

Furthermore, what can trigger car paint to fade is exposure to certain chemical liquids, such as battery water, gasoline, thinner, and others, which if spilled or hit the surface of the car body and are not cleaned immediately, it could cause the paint to fade. For that, be careful of these chemicals, and avoid parking or approaching areas where these liquids are. When refueling, do it properly and safely so that nothing hits the surface of the body.

Poor Handling, Repair, Or Painting Of Cars

There are more things that cause car paint to fade, namely poor handling, repair, or painting of a car. If a friend’s business car has been repainted in a place where the quality of the workmanship is not guaranteed, then it is not impossible that the print quality is poor. If so, later on, the repainted area may fade and make the overall appearance of the car unsightly. For that, it is important for Friends of Business to choose a body repair workshop that is guaranteed and best.