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Tips for Caring for Car Power Window

Car Power Window

Normally, the presence of car power window technology makes it easy for drivers to raise and lower the windshield. I used to have to use a lever, so it requires a lot of energy. The power window technology makes it difficult to open and close the glass, so the risk of damage is also significantly higher. At the very least, there are some tips you can take to keep your car’s power windows in good condition.

Use Car Power Window as Necessary

An item will definitely be easily damaged when it is used too much and to take care of the car’s power windows more durable, then you can use it as needed. You don’t have to open the car window wide when the window is lowered a little and air comes in. Make sure the power window button is not pressed by anyone, especially the child. If the user is carried out simultaneously and continuously, the potential for damage to the car’s power windows is very high.

Clean Window Glass

When you always clean the car window regularly, it will make the car’s power window last longer. If various stains are not removed immediately, they can get inside the window regulator dynamo and eventually clog the dynamo. Regular car window cleaning can also prevent various damage to the power window components and also prevent rust. Cleaning can be done with a special glass cleaner or chamois with a smooth surface.

Take The Vehicle To A Specialized Workshop On A Regular Basis

Many drivers underestimate the important role of door repair shops, but repair shops can help car owners avoid damage to power windows. We recommend that you bring your car to a professional door workshop at least every 6 months. The more often you check, the more durable the power window will be.

Check The Condition Of The Rubber On The Car Window

The power windows are not working because the windshield rubber is dirty or cracked. If it gets dirty, the rubber on the windshield will fall off and enter the sideline of the car, causing rust. Pay attention to the condition of the rubber of the car, and do not hesitate to replace it when the rubber starts to harden. Hardened car glass rubber can quickly damage power windows and even scratch your car.

 Need To Use Window Regulator

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The Main Factors That Cause A Smelly Car Air Conditioner

Penyebab AC Mobil Bau Apek dan Tak Sedap Tenyata ini Biang Keladinya

Taking lightly the problem of smelly car air conditioners can be fatal. Your health and comfort and that of other passengers may be compromised. Here are five reasons and solutions to overcome them. Smelly car air conditioners can usually make the owner have to pay more for maintenance because they have to buy car fresheners regularly. The price of a car freshener is certainly not cheap. Besides that, the quality and price will not guarantee that the car’s air conditioner will smell better.

Forcing the use of a car freshener on a dirty air conditioner will produce a sour and musty smell. Car passengers will not feel comfortable enjoying the trip, thus making the presence of a car air conditioner useless. Knowing this is very important to make sure you find the source of this problem. And find out why this problem happened to your car. It is hoped that you will know what things to do to prevent similar problems from happening again. The causes of these problems include:

Dirty Cabins and Interiors Cause A Smelly Car Air Conditioner

The cause of the car air conditioner smell can be caused by a dirty cabin and interior. dust and Dirt can be the cause and produce an unpleasant odor. This is due to a buildup on the evaporator section, then the dust mushroomed into foul-smelling dirt. Tips to avoid it are to:

Frequently Clean The Cabin And Car Interior Regularly

Avoid accumulation of dust in the cabin and interior of the car. How to do the cleaning can be by regularly wiping the area around the cabin or dashboard. Or by washing the car’s air conditioner regularly.

Also, Avoid Using Car Fresheners That Contain Alcohol

Why? Because the smell of alcohol will make a musty smell when applied to a car with a dirty dashboard. Doing regular cleaning in the area around the cabin and dashboard, not only makes the car air conditioner fresher but also maintains the health of you and other car passengers.

Dirty Car AC Evaporator

This car air conditioner component will indeed get dirty over time. And when it is dirty, the car air conditioner will smell and can carry germs. Therefore, it is very important to keep your car’s evaporator clean. The ways that can be done to keep the car’s evaporator clean are:

  • Wash the evaporator regularly
  • Checking the condition of the evaporator on
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