November 25, 2022

Knowing Torque and Power in Cars


Torque and power are two things that are often found when reading specifications about cars or news about automotive news. However, do you already understand what is the difference between the two?. You could say the two are related, but they are two different things. To understand the difference between the two more deeply, you can pay attention to the important differences between the two in the explanation below.

What is Torque?

First, we need to understand the meaning of torque in a car, namely, the movement mechanism between the crankshaft and the piston produces a rotational movement called torque. More precisely, the direct meaning of torque is the energy released from the time the car is at rest until the car is running.

In cars, this energy refers to the acceleration of the car, the greater the torque produced on the car, the better the acceleration. The benefits of high torque speed will allow your car to go faster on the road than other vehicles in the vicinity.

What is Energy?

If earlier, torque is the energy given by the engine that is running, then the definition of power or power is the energy that comes from the engine so that the car can reach the highest speed (top speed). This speed is very influential by how long the algae is contained in the car engine. The longer the size, the less power required.

Torque and Power Relationship to Acceleration

Technicians say these are the result of two different formulas. The formula for calculating torque is the product of force and distance. Meanwhile, power is obtained from the product of torque and rpm. From this calculation, it can be concluded that when a car does a thrust, the car will produce a certain speed. The higher the torque, the more power will be produced with the same force.

Priority Select Vehicle Viewed from Torque and Power

Each car has different torque and power, depending on the type and function of the car. This type of city car will of course require different torque and power from a car with a larger number of passengers.

Torque calculation uses Newton (N) or Kilogram meters, while power uses Horsepower (Hp) or PS units. In the calculation, we can manipulate the torque value by using the gearbox. By using this tool, changes to the gear ratio will be able to change the torque. While power can not be manipulated in any way, the speed is very influential on the power generated by the engine.

In one of the Wuling car variants, namely Almaz, you will find a combination of the latest turbo engine technology and Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). CVT is an automatic transmission that functions to change the ratio gradually throughout the ratio range. This latest technology provides a much more responsive and smooth transmission shift.

In terms of power, Wuling Almaz is equipped with the latest Honeywell technology with a capacity of 1,451 ccs, where the output produced is 140 hp/5,200 rpm and 250 Nm of torque at 1,600-3,600 rpm. With an output of this size, you will have a much better driving experience every day.…

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Causes of Car Engine Vibrating During Initial Start

Some vehicle owners, of course, have experienced the problem of a car engine vibrating when the initial start is turned on. Don’t worry if you are currently experiencing it. There are several causes that trigger this problem. As one of the symptoms, you can see it directly by opening the hood of the car when the car is turned on. Usually, a car engine that vibrates when it is first started can be seen with the naked eye.

When you open the hood and see the car engine vibrating unusually, there could be a problem. However, don’t panic too much. Because this kind of problem does not make fatal damage to the car. One indication is that it could be a problem with the engine mounting part of your car. If Your Car Engine Vibrates, This Can Be The Cause

 Causes of Car Engine Vibrating due to Damaged Engine Mounting

The engine mount is one of the components on the car that functions as a holder to support the engine and the car body frame. The purpose of the existence of the engine mount is to absorb any vibrations generated by the car engine.

With this engine mounting, it is hoped that the vibrations generated in the engine will not be felt by the driver and passengers in the cabin. In addition to dampening engine vibrations, engine mounting also acts as a suspension for the engine when the car passes on uneven roads.

There are several things that cause engine mounts to malfunction, including frequent shocks that are too hard when driving. This will cause the engine mount to be damaged quickly because the component is made of rubber material which is brittle due to shock.

If this component is damaged and cannot be tricked again, then the only way is to replace the spare part. For its replacement, the price offered is quite draining the pocket.

Spark Plug Off

Although the majority of the causes of a vibrating engine are caused by a faulty engine mount, there are several other problems that can be the cause. In fact, this long-haired mechanic said it could be a problem with the spark plug that caused the car engine to vibrate at the initial start.

Spark plugs or spark plugs that are already weak can also be the cause of vibration in the engine. This is because the supply of gasoline to the combustion chamber is not perfect, so it can also be the cause of the engine vibrating,

Brittle Vacuum Hose

In fact, even trivial problems can cause a car engine to vibrate abnormally. One of them is a brittle vacuum hose. Sometimes even trivial problems can also be the cause. For example, there is a vacuum hose component. If these components are old that can be seen or are brittle, it can also be the cause of the machine not working normally, so there is vibration in the machine.

Dirty Throttle Body

The other problem that can also be the cause of the engine vibration problem since it is first turned on is the throttle body. In this case, the component is usually dirty, causing irregularities in its performance.…

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5 Tips for Driving a Car during Covid-19

Here are some tips for driving a car during Covid-19. In the era of the omicron virus as it is today, the transmission of Covid-19 is getting easier and faster. Therefore, for those of you who often do outdoor activities, you must be vigilant. What’s more, you often travel by vehicle. Because even though you use a vehicle, it doesn’t mean it’s safe from the spread of the virus.

There are still risks where the virus can enter and stick in the car cabin. This is of course very dangerous, because the virus, which was originally outside, may enter the car and then enter the family environment at home. In order to stay safe and protected from the Covid-19 virus while driving a car, there are several things you can do as a preventive measure.

Wash Your Hands Before and After Driving a Car during Covid-19

Keeping hands clean before and after driving are tips for driving a car during Corona that must be done to minimize the potential for being infected with the Covid-19 virus. Because as we know hands are the most vulnerable body parts as an intermediary medium in the transfer of the Covid-19 virus. Don’t forget to keep wearing a mask, especially when you have a fever, cold, and cough

Clean Interior With Car Disinfectant

There are a number of spots on the car that would be a favorite place for the presence of the virus. For example, in-car components that are often touched, such as the steering wheel, audio buttons, power window buttons, door handles, and seat belts. For this reason, car owners must be diligent in cleaning these components with disinfectants. But how to clean it should not use any chemical drugs.

The right type of disinfectant for car interiors is water-based, not chemical-based. In addition, according to him, a chemical base has the potential to damage other components of the car, such as leather.

Bring Hand Sanitizer

In addition, tips for driving a car during the next corona are advised to always carry cleaning fluids such as hand sanitizer. This is important because generally in a car it will be difficult to find clean soap and water.

With a hand sanitizer, it will be easier to clean your hands. Apply this cleaning fluid after you pay for parking, or after holding money in the car. This is so that your hands are always clean and virus-free. Also, provide hand sanitizer in a practical size to carry everywhere.

Use a Mask

wear a mask when outside the house. Including when driving a car. This is one of the tips for driving a car during Corona that you need to obey. Using a mask in the car also avoids infecting each other between passengers.

Routinely Use Air Purifier in Car

This is one of the tips for driving a car during corona, namely using an air purifier to keep the air quality in the car clean. Installing a Car Air Purifier can help filter bacteria and viruses in the car, so the air you breathe while driving is of higher quality.

An air purifier is important to keep the air in the car clean. This is because the Plasmacluster ions produced are proven to be effective in paralyzing the SARS-Cov-2 virus that causes Covid-19.

This Plasmacluster Ion produces positive and negative ions that actively spread throughout the cabin following the car’s airflow. Furthermore, these ions inactivate viruses and fungi that stick to the surface of the car or in the air.

This technology works to eliminate food odors, smoke, and prevent the emergence of unpleasant odors from car air conditioners. The air becomes cleaner and healthier while driving, protected from smoke, dust, viruses, and fungi.

That’s a review regarding tips for driving a car during Corona. Hopefully, these tips are useful for you to avoid contracting the coronavirus when you are outside the home.…

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How Do Car Turbo Engines Work and Function?

Everyone knows that cars need an engine to run. One type of engine used in automobiles is a turbocharged engine. This one machine has a very important use in driving a car. However, few people know what this part of a turbocharged car engine means. Of course, many don’t know how this section works, works and offers benefits. Knowing the capabilities of your car turbo engines will help you better understand how important this component is to your car. Below are the details about the turbo engine in the car.

How a Car Turbo Engines Works

The turbocharger uses hot air from the engine exhaust. This application is intended to increase the pressure and density of the air in the combustion chamber. How it works, that is, the exhaust coming from the engine is not routed directly to the exhaust. Instead, the exhaust gas is first sent to the turbo portion of the car that houses the rotating turbine.

In addition, the compressor can use mechanical energy to compress or draw more air into the combustion chamber of the engine from the outside. The number of revolutions generated by a turbo can reach up to 150,000 rpm, which is up to 30 times the engine speed of a normal car. The new turbo will start working when the engine spins at a certain speed. This is because the new turbine will rotate when the exhaust gas is under sufficient pressure. The faster the engine speed, the stronger the momentum from the exhaust gas to the turbine.  The stronger the movement of the

turbine, the greater the rotation of the compressor. The air entering the combustion chamber becomes more oxygenated, denser, and has higher pressure. For this reason, the fuel-air mixture in the combustion chamber can have high explosive power when the spark plug ignites and ignites the two mixtures.

Turbo Engine Function

The turbo is part of the vehicle’s exhaust pipe. The function of a car turbo is to use the exhaust gas from the engine to rotate the propeller to generate a large amount of compressed air. There are two turbines on one shaft of the

turbo. The first turbine is a power turbine used as a player and the other is called a driven turbine because it is rotated by the first turbine. The power that drives the turbine engine comes from the exhaust gas of the engine. The position of the power turbine is in the middle of the exhaust stream, and the gas and the driven turbine rotate together, allowing the power turbine to rotate.

There is also an intercooler that usually helps cool the air for more complete combustion. The turbine does not require any special maintenance and the turbine uses engine oil as a lubricant, so the owner only needs to change the oil on a regular basis.

What are the Advantages of Cars?

Engines with turbochargers have unique advantages from an ecology point of view because they actually use exhaust gas, which is an air pollutant, as auxiliary energy for combustion. The performance benefits of this engine really depend on the vehicle itself. More modern, many believe turbo car engines are more beneficial. Cars are becoming more economical and environmentally friendly. This engine also guarantees that your car still has power.

This is information that can be provided regarding turbocharged engines in automobiles. This engine is very beneficial to car owners as it helps save fuel and make the car more powerful. One of the cars  already equipped with a turbo engine is the Wooling Cortez.  Wuling Cortez cars are equipped with a turbocharged engine to maximize personnel while driving. This car is perfect for those who like high-performance cars. Environmentally conscious drivers can also opt for Wooling Cortez, as this car helps reduce air pollution.

We hope that the information about this component will help you understand this section.…

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6 Causes of Car AC Not Cold

The emergence of a car air conditioner problem that is not cold must be handled appropriately. Here are the causes and solutions that you must know. By knowing the causative factors, the solution to this problem can be determined immediately. Some people delay fixing the problem of the car AC not cold. Whereas by delaying, the damage can get worse and spread to other components of your car. The problem of air conditioning in a car that is no longer cold is caused by many factors. Different causes, different solutions, of course, the service costs will also be different. As for some of the causes of the problem of the car air conditioner not cold, among others, are:

Damage to Magnetic Clutch Can Cause Car AC Not Cold

The magnetic clutch functions as a regulator of engine rotation so that the compressor rotates. However, a magnetic clutch requires magnetism to work optimally. Loss of magnetism can cause the car’s AC compressor to not rotate properly.

 Broken or Dislodged Car AC Fan Belt

A fan belt is a belt that connects the engine speed with the car’s AC compressor. If the fan belt is broken or dislodged, the compressor is not rotating. If the compressor does not rotate, the condenser does not work and the freon does not cool the air. Predictably, problems arise such as the car air conditioner is not cold or just blows the wind.

Excessive Heat in Car AC Engine and Compressor

The temperature of the engine (be it a car engine, or a compressor engine) that is too hot can spread and eventually cause the freon to heat up too. As a result, the quality of the freon is reduced. At some point, the quality of the freon was lost. The hot freon is no longer able to cool the condensed air in the AC condenser. The result is not only that the car air conditioner only blows out, but in certain cases it causes the car air conditioner to not cool and only emits hot air. To solve this problem, of course, by replacing the car AC freon. Be sure to replace it with freon which is more resistant to heat exposure. Thus, the freon will be maximized in cooling your car room.

Car AC Not Cold Due to Freon Leak

Reduction or exhaustion of freon is impossible unless there is a leak in the AC line. Therefore, if your car’s AC freon is reduced, immediately look for the leak point. If you have found a leak point, you can patch it or tighten the connection. There are several points that are often the source of freon leaks, including Seals, corroded condensers, cracked AC compressors, old and weathered hoses.

Dirty Evaporator Makes Car AC Not Cold

A dirty evaporator can cause the freon flow to not work as it should. cold air cannot pass through the evaporator. As a result, the car air conditioner not only emits heat but also smells and germs. Because this evaporator is very important, it needs to be cared for properly. The way to take care of it is by regularly washing the air conditioner, not eating and drinking in the car, and not smoking in the car.

Car AC Freon Clogged

Whether or not the air is blown by the air conditioner is cold is strongly influenced by the freon. If the freon doesn’t flow, the exhaled air won’t cool down

So those are some of the reasons why your car’s air conditioner is not cold? If you have trouble finding the cause of this problem, please come to a car AC repair shop for a check.…

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How to Clean Car Gasoline Filter

The car gasoline filter does have a significant role because it can help maintain the car’s performance. This part is very important, but there are still many drivers who do not know about the fuel filter. If you are negligent in carrying out maintenance on the car’s gasoline filter, it will be very detrimental to the driver. In general, the fuel filter is difficult to open, but it can still be cleaned to remove any accumulated dirt.

If the dirt that has accumulated is too severe, then you should replace the air filter with a new one. Because dirt that settles for too long will be very difficult to clean and usually takes a long time. In general, the cleanliness of fuel is very important to maintain, because even a small amount of dirt can obstruct the flow of fuel and this will interfere with the fuel system.

Dirt that clogs in the filter also makes the car difficult to start or start, this is due to blocked fuel flow. Therefore, clean the fuel filter regularly. You don’t need to bother taking your car to a repair shop, because the dirt cleaning process can be done very easily. At least there are several ways you can do to clean the fuel filter, to avoid the dirt that sticks.

Start Cleaning the Car Gasoline Filter

You can enter the stage of cleaning the filter on car gasoline. Please hold the fuel filter section and insert the hose into the inside. Then just spray the fuel filter using a special liquid. Please attach the nozzle to the spray and insert it into the other end leading to the filter and spray. Let everything come in and out of the bottle, then you just repeat this step from both ends of the bottle.

Ways to Prevent Overheat in Your Car Engine

Before you enter the fuel filter cleaning process, make sure you know where the fuel filter is. The location of the fuel filter in each car is usually different, depending on the type of car. There is a fuel filter that flows into the carburetor or injection system. If it is correct, then you can sort it back to be able to reach your car filter. By knowing its location, then you can carry out the next process.

Make Sure No Gasoline Gets Sprayed

To perform maintenance on a car’s gasoline filter, you can try to open the clamp that is on the fuel line and is usually located at a distance of Inches at the hose outlet and inlet. Clamps should also be tightened using a flat head screwdriver. Then you can close the hose using clamps and this will ensure that no gasoline is sprayed or is safe.

Prepare the Container Under the Filter

For those of you who want to clean the fuel filter, this can be done by preparing a container and placing it under the gasoline filter. Then you can open the clamp cover, then attach the filter to the hose.

When opening the clamp, you can pull the hose on the filter and let the gasoline out. If you remove all the hoses, then let all the gasoline that remains in it drain out smoothly.

Tapping Filter Surface

This method is enough to press on the filter or you can also use a screwdriver by pressing on the handle. Make sure that you can tap all the circles on the surface of the car’s fuel filter properly.

Spray Again and Dry

Then you can spray again and can spray the fuel filter with a sprayer. When it has been sprayed, make sure you dry the fuel filter for about an hour.


If you are sure that the fuel filter is clean, then you can reinstall the fuel filter to its original position. Make sure to do the installation correctly, so that the fuel or gasoline filter can work optimally.

Change Filter If Needed

If the condition of the fuel filter is bad or damaged, then you must replace it with a new one. You can buy a new car fuel filter that is adjusted to the specifications of the car you have.…

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