November 25, 2022

How To Care For A Car Air Conditioner To Keep It Cold

How to care for a car air conditioner to keep it cold. AC is a feature that is mandatory in the latest cars. In the car, the air conditioner has a function as a cooler for the car cabin. In addition to having a function as a cooler, car air conditioners also have the function of removing dew on the windshield when it rains.

With the important function of the car air conditioner, it is necessary to carry out maintenance. If you don’t take care of it properly, your car’s air conditioner won’t cool down. Here will be discussed how to care for the car air conditioner so that it is always cold. Here’s how to treat it.

Keep the Car Cabin Clean to Maintain Car AC

The first thing to do is to keep the inside or cabin of the car clean. A dirty car cabin and there is dust will have an impact on the cleanliness of the air conditioner. If this is left unchecked, the air conditioner will not cool and the air released will be unhealthy because it is dirty. Please note that the car air conditioner uses closed circulation which uses the air in the car cabin to be cooled repeatedly.

Avoid Opening Car Glass

When using the car air conditioner, avoid opening the car window. However, at certain times, such as paying tolls or parking, you are required to open the window, and this is unavoidable. This is done so that dirt or dust from outside the car cannot enter the car cabin.

Try not to open the windshield if there is no interest. This is so that the cabin remains cool and the performance of the air conditioner is not too heavy because the cabin is always cold. If you open the glass, then the cold air in the car will come out.

Don’t Smoke in the Car

The next thing to avoid is smoking in the car. Because the unpleasant smell of cigarette smoke is very difficult to get rid of. Cigarette smoke also has the potential to enter the circulation of the air conditioner, causing unpleasant odors that are harmful to health to mix with the air in the cabin.

In addition to unpleasant odors, cigarette smoke can also damage the air conditioner. This is because cigarette smoke sticks to the cabin filter or air conditioner filter which functions to filter the air. If this is done, it will cause the air conditioner to not cool.

Always Clean the AC Filter

A car air conditioner filter or some call it a cabin filter is an air filter that is used to cool the car cabin. The position of the air conditioner filter is usually on the dashboard and takes air from the side of the front passenger’s feet. This location is prone to getting dirty, so you have to make sure the AC filter is clean to keep the air quality in the cabin fresh and clean. If the air conditioner does not feel fresh and is not comfortable, you are advised to consult an official repair shop service advisor.

Use the Appropriate Car Freshener

The fragrance that comes out of a car deodorizer is not necessarily suitable for everyone. To be safe, use a perfume with a neutral or not overpowering scent. In addition, the selection of an inappropriate air freshener can make the air conditioner dirty quickly and damage the interior of the cabin such as leaving stains. The type of car deodorizer also needs special attention, because if you choose the wrong one, there are chemicals in the deodorizer that will contaminate the AC condenser.

Always Perform Periodic Service

Periodic service ensures that the condition of the car is always excellent, both the engine, the legs, to the cabin cooler. The goal is that you feel comfortable during the trip because all the features of the AC function properly and optimally. Perform periodic service according to the vehicle maintenance manual, which is every 6 months or 10,000 km, depending on which is reached first.…

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5 Characteristics Of A Broken Car Thermostat

The broken Car thermostat. But before that, there is nothing wrong if we know the function of the thermostat. Usually, the thermostat is to regulate the circulation of engine coolant coming from the radiator. if the thermostat does not work, automatically the ideal temperature needed by the engine is difficult to achieve. This causes the amount of fuel that enters the engine cylinder to be not balanced, resulting in a stronger vibration effect on the engine.

While the impact in the long term, the machine will not last. Without a thermostat, the cooling water circulation is too smooth, so the water that has not undergone the cooling process in the radiator has returned to the engine.

Water that has not reached the optimal temperature is also directly flowed into the radiator. This condition makes the engine will not experience an optimal cooling process and risks making the engine overheat more easily. The following is a complete review of the characteristics of a damaged car thermostat:

Characteristics Of A Broken Car Thermostat That Is Jammed

The next feature of a broken car thermostat is the opposite of the previous one. Where the temperature is high enough even to reach a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius, but the thermostat also doesn’t open, or in easy terms, it is often called a stuck thermostat.

This will create conditions in which the water lines in the radiator cannot circulate and keep the engine hot. The way to fix it is, of course, by replacing it with a new one. for maximum engine performance.

Thermostat Keeps Open

The first characteristic of a broken car thermostat is that it is the easiest to notice, which is that it is constantly open. Because the conditions are normal, the thermostat will always be closed at room temperature. Or simply, if the temperature is still around 30 degrees Celsius and is already open, then you can be sure that the circulation of the cooling water or the water pump on your car’s thermostat has a problem.

If you don’t know when the thermostat opens and closes, then there are things you can do to check it. Pay attention when the temperature is only 30 degrees or only a few minutes is turned on then the temperature will change quickly. This means that the thermostat on your car is damaged. If you have this, then there is nothing else you can do besides replace the car’s thermostat with a new one.

Machine Takes Long Time to Achieve Maximum Performance

The next characteristic of a broken car thermostat is that maximum engine performance is difficult to achieve in a short time. This is also related to the first feature, where if the thermostat is damaged or is continuously open, it can also cause the old engine to reach its working temperature.

This condition makes the working temperature of the machine can not be reached maximally. As a result, the performance of the engine was disrupted.

Fuel Becomes Much More Wasteful

The next characteristic of a broken car thermostat is the condition of the engine that becomes more wasteful. Maybe some of you still don’t understand why the problem with the foam thermostat makes the use of fuel wasteful.

This is because the engine temperature continues to be in a low state, so the fuel consumption becomes more because the car engine works harder.

The Machine Often Overheats

The next feature of a damaged car thermostat is engine overheating. Some of the characteristics of overheating include when the car is running it will feel like tickling. In addition, the air conditioner becomes noticeably hotter, the car’s power decreases, the temperature gauge shows a higher temperature, and so on.

Well, that’s the discussion about the characteristics of a damaged car thermostat. If you find it difficult to repair it, please contact a trusted car repair shop for immediate repair.…

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How to Replace Car Rear Drum Brake Pads Correctly

Car Rear Drum Brake

Car rear drum brake can be easily found on older models. But that does not mean its current use has been abandoned. When many vehicles use disc brakes or discs, drum brakes are still widely used, especially on the rear axle, and also functions as a parking brake. When the time has come, Business Friend must replace the rear drum brake pads of the car so that they can still get the best performance.

Disc and drum brakes can be easily found in all types of vehicles. However, the two differ significantly in their design and operation. Disc brakes and drum brakes are safe and reliable braking options. Drum brakes use a friction-lined type of brake shoe, in contrast to the brake pads above the disc brake rotor.

This design allows drum brakes to have a longer life, as well as lower manufacturing costs than disc brakes. However, disc brakes have straightforward braking power and better heat dissipation. This is why most vehicles with drum brakes at the rear usually have disc brakes at the front, as most of the vehicle’s braking force is applied to the front wheels during the braking process. The following are the most common ways to replace drum brake linings.

Removing the Rear Tire

Loosen your lug nuts before lifting the vehicle with the jack. If so, start jacking up. Prepare a block of wood or better use a jack stand to keep the vehicle on top.

Remove the Brake Unit

After removing the tire, you can remove the drum from the drum brake. Business Friend will look at the brake shoes, springs, and wheel cylinders of the brake unit. It’s good to clean this part. Remove the brake shoe retaining spring by pulling it with pliers. It’s easier to remove the top spring first, which will loosen the tension overall. If you have, then Business Friend can remove the brake shoes where the canvas is attached.

Installing the new Car Rear Drum Brake Pads

First clean and apply lubrication to the retaining plate on the back of the drum brake unit. Reinstall various components that have been disassembled. Put the new brake shoes in place. Reattach the brake spring

Adjust Brake

Adjust the brakes so that the brake pads expand. Adjust the brake using a screwdriver where Business Friend wants to expand the shoe until it can barely be turned by hand. Replace the cover of the drum brake assembly.

Replacing the Tire

If you have reinstalled the tire and lowered it using a jack. If the vehicle is already on the ground, tighten each nut on the wheel so that none of it comes loose.…

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The Causes of Car Defogger Easily Damaged

The foggy windshield is certainly very disturbing visibility when driving. Therefore, some new cars are now equipped with a defogger feature. This feature serves to prevent the appearance of condensation on the windshield. The car defogger is usually located on the rear windshield. However, car owners often do not pay attention to this feature. Like other components, the defogger can also be easily damaged if not cared for properly. A damaged defogger certainly cannot function optimally. The following are the causes of a car defogger that is easily damaged.

The defogger on the car can only be turned off manually. The use of defogger is only used for a certain time. Therefore, turn off the defogger when not in use. In its own way, the defogger heats the filament attached to the glass. After the filament is hot, the dew will evaporate. If the dew on the glass has disappeared, the driver must immediately turn off the defogger. A defogger that is left on is certainly one of the causes of a car defogger that is easily damaged.

Car Defogger Forgot To Disable

The defogger on the car can only be turned off manually. The use of defogger is only used for a certain time. Therefore, turn off the defogger when not in use. In its own way, the defogger heats the filament attached to the glass. After the filament is hot, the dew will evaporate. If the dew on the glass has disappeared, the driver must immediately turn off the defogger. A defogger that is left on is certainly one of the causes of a car defogger that is easily damaged.

Wrong Car Glass Cleaning Technique

Cleaning the glass carelessly can damage the car’s defogger. In addition, the use of glass cleaner must also be considered when cleaning the car defogger. Use an appropriate cleaning fluid and clean the glass carefully. Incorrect technique and proper cleaning fluid can cause corrosion of the defogger.

Car Defogger Can Be Damaged Due to Window Film Replacement

In order to make the car look cooler, car owners usually change the window film. Keep in mind that indiscriminate replacement of the window film on the back glass can damage the window film. The defogger filament can break if the window film is replaced carelessly. Therefore, car owners should pay attention to the filament on the defogger before replacing the window film…

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Causes of Engine Overheat in Vehicles

Causes of Engine Overheat in Vehicles. The engine is an important component of the vehicle. The engine has a function as a place to burn fuel in vehicles. If there is no engine or the engine is damaged, then the vehicle cannot be used. Because the engine has a function as a combustion chamber, surely the engine will receive a hot temperature. However, the vehicle must have been designed so that the engine does not overheat. Here will be discussed the causes of engine overheating in vehicles. The causes are shown below.

Engine Overheat in Vehicles due to Leaking Radiator

The next cause is leaky radiator leaks are usually caused by grill corrosion. This is because the radiator is filled with non-radiator water (coolant). If you don’t use radiator water, the radiator will leak due to corrosion.

Radiator Fan Dead or Damaged

The first cause of an engine overheating in a vehicle is a dead or damaged radiator fan. The radiator fan has a function as a coolant for the engine. If the radiator fan is dead or damaged, then the engine in the vehicle has no coolant. So the temperature in the engine will increase and cause the engine to overheat.

Damaged or Improper Radiator Cap

The second cause is the radiator cap is damaged or not up to standard. The radiator cover has a very important function in the engine cooling process. Its function is to provide access to the coolant when the pressure in the radiator system is too high due to engine heat.

Liquid-filled radiator systems work in a vacuum, the pressure in them is regulated by each manufacturer and can vary in size. Looking at the radiator cover,  the pressure bar numbers are 0.9, 1.1, or 1.2.

If you replace the radiator cover with a product that does not meet the standards, it can cause the cooling system to work on the engine to be disrupted. If the product does not match, it is certain that the engine will be hot.

If a leak occurs, the coolant will be wasted. So that the coolant is not enough to cool the engine in the vehicle. If the coolant is lacking for a long time, then the temperature in the engine will increase excessively or commonly called overheating.

Oil Not Flowing

The last clause of the engine overheating is the oil is not flowing properly. The oil that does not flow properly is caused by a distribution system that is not smooth. As a result, other engine components cannot be lubricated to the maximum.

The oil that does not flow regularly can make the engine overheat easily. This is because the engine components of the vehicle are dry, so the longer they rub, the hotter they become. A hot engine will make the vehicle overheat if it is turned on for too long.…

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Advice You Need Before Buying That New Vehicle

When you are trying to get an honest deal when buying a vehicle, you can often be fooled into the worst deal ever. It takes knowledge of the buying process and the techniques of the salesmen in order to get the deal you need. Don’t let them fool you! Take advantage of these helpful tips!

Know your limits. Before you start shopping for your next car or truck, decide how much you can afford to pay, and stick to it. Don’t forget to include interest in your calculations. You can expect to pay around 20 percent as a down payment as well, so be prepared.

Prior to even stepping foot in a dealership, you need to know what kind of car you want. If you have kids, maybe you should be looking for a van or large SUV. If it is just you, maybe you want something more sportier. Either way, knowing what you want will make the whole process of shopping for a car easier.

If you buy a vehicle from an individual, make sure that you have it checked out by a mechanic first. If this is something the owners won’t okay, then it’s probably best to avoid it. There might be issues with the car that could be problematic and expensive to fix, all of which affects market value. You probably shouldn’t get into this without figuring out who they are first.

Do not be turned off from a car because it is used. Most people would like nothing more than to buy a brand new, shiny car. But, is this really feasible for your financial situation? Many used cars are perfectly fine and will not break your back nearly as much as a new car will.

When buying a new car, check out reviews of the vehicle on the internet before going to the dealer. If people have had bad experiences with the car you are thinking of buying, you might want to choose a different one. Most new car loans are for 6 years and you do not want to have problems with the car in that time frame.

When buying a compact or subcompact car, make sure that it has enough room for each person who will drive it. The car may be your daily driver, but it may not have enough leg room for others in your household. If there is a chance that someone else will drive the car occasionally, bring them along while shopping.

Figure out how much you can afford on a car payment before you get there. If you wait, your eyes will be big, and you will be willing to pay anything to get what you want. Start out with a firm figure and do not allow yourself to be moved by anything the salesman says.

Do you feel better about negotiating a deal on a car now? You should! Take the tips you’ve read with you, and learn more as you go along so that you won’t suffer the grasp of the salesman. It’s time you found the deal that is right for you and your family.…

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Car Need Some Attention? These Repair Tips Are Ideal

Do you own an older car? If so, then you have likely encountered many issues with it. Even if your car is newer, you will still probably come across some issues at some point in time. Therefore, learning how to resolve these issues is vital. Read the below article to learn some excellent auto repair tips.

Before you let the mechanic work on your car, make sure that you have all of the prices down. Ask about any additional fees that may come up during the repair and any charges that you may not be aware of. This will ensure that you are not surprised when the bill comes for your car repair.

Check the fluids in your car regularly. Check the oil level with the dipstick you can find under your hood. The dipstick should have a mark on it to indicate the ideal oil level. Add a quart of oil if you need to and check the level again after letting your car run for a few minutes.

Friends and family are a good source when you are looking to get some work done on your car. Ask around to see if anyone can suggest someone to you before you go on your search. Never go with the opinion of one person. Ask a few and see what other answers you get.

Contact your local Better Business Bureau if you need more information on a mechanic or a garage. If some complaints have been filed against them, your Better Business Bureau will tell you. Ask your friends and family about the different mechanics they have dealt with in the past to get some recommendations.

Find a reputable auto repair shop in your area and take your car there every time it needs service. You should attempt to have the same mechanic work on your car when you take it there. This helps the mechanic to become familiar with your vehicle so he will notice problems sooner than someone else.

Ask your auto mechanic about their A.S.E. certification. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence has a test twice a year for it. To earn this certification, mechanics must pass a written test while also having about two years of work experience in auto mechanics and repair. This certification increases your chances of finding competent mechanics.

Always exercise the highest level of caution when working with your car’s fuel system. Never work around fuel tanks, fuel lines or pumps with sources of ignition such as cigarettes or anything that could produce a spark. Wipe up any fuel spills immediately, and protect yourself by wearing fuel-resistant gloves and eyewear.

As this article has shown you, it is important that you are aware of how to resolve any car issues that you have. You need to know how to fix minor issues, and if there are large issues, you need to know how to find the right auto repair shop. This article has shown you how to do all of these things, so utilize all that you have read so that your car will continue to run at its best.…

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