November 25, 2022

How to Care for Car Cylinder Magnets

The components of the car itself are divided into several parts, one of which plays an important role is the car cylinder magnet. Based on its function, of course, it is very important to take care of the car cylinder magnet according to the procedure. Make sure to take it to a car doctor regularly and choose a trusted service provider and the whole process is carried out by experts in their fields.

Making car cylinder magnets last longer is an important homework that vehicle owners need to do. Treatment is one of the important things to avoid the occurrence of more severe errors. So that the performance remains good, make sure to pay attention to some important things, the following will be explained in more detail:

Choosing a Trusted Car Cylinder Magnet Service

Choosing a trusted service provider will affect the final result because it is carried out by experts in their fields. Before carrying out the repair process, the first thing to do is to find out where the problem lies. If it turns out to be quite heavy and requires extra handling, it is usually quite expensive.

Don’t Wait For Symptoms

Generally, people will wait for the car to show symptoms first and then carry out a health check of its components. The main reason, apart from being busy, is also due to the unavailability of maintenance costs.

Routine Checks

Checks should not be carried out too infrequently in order to avoid further damage conditions. One of the most important components to pay attention to is the cylinder magnet. Its small size makes it often forgotten even though its presence is basically very important in helping the air cooling process.

By routinely checking the conditions that occur in each component of the car, then you can avoid bad possibilities in the future. Please note that when the car’s cylinder magnet is badly damaged, of course, it is necessary to replace it with a new one. This condition can make expenses actually swell, therefore it should be avoided.

Minimizes Filled with Dust and Dirt

Even though it is on the inside, it does not rule out the possibility of dust and dirt appearing that interferes with its performance. Cleaning should be carried out using special techniques and supporting equipment. If in doubt about carrying out the cleaning process yourself, using the services of a car doctor is the most appropriate choice.

Don’t Let The Car Cylinder Magnet Work Too Hard

There are several factors that can make cylinder magnets work very hard which makes them break down more quickly. As is well known, this one part does have an important role in cooling the air to make it more optimal. To make it easier to find out the symptoms of a car problem, you can look for information through books or online platforms.…

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Tips for Extending the Life of a Car Battery

The battery or battery is one component that is quite important in every car. The car will rely on the box-shaped object for resources during the starter process. How long does the car battery last? car batteries have a lifetime. Even the service life can be shortened. So in some conditions, the service life or the age of the car battery really depends on the use of the vehicle itself. There are several conditions It affects the age and durability of the car battery itself. Apart from the use of the car, weather factors can also affect it.

Car batteries can last on average between 2 to 5 years. One of the most important factors affecting how long a car battery will last is the weather. The engine running under the hood already generates high levels of heat. Plus the car is used in hot weather conditions, the higher the test battery.

Hot temperatures can cause the liquid in the car battery to evaporate and damage the internal structure of the battery. That’s why the average car battery life is shorter in warmer climates. In addition to temperature, a car that is rarely used can actually shorten the life of the battery. For example, during a pandemic like now where we need a lot at home and cars rarely operate. Car engines that rarely run make charging the battery-less and cause these components to lose electrical charge. Regardless of the temperature and the infrequent use of the car, there are several things and tips that can make the service life of the car battery longer. One of them is diligently heating the car.

So even if the car is not used during a pandemic or for certain reasons, at least once every two days you need to warm up the engine. This is so that the battery components continue to function normally, avoiding the problem of the battery not being able to turn back on. After that, make sure the battery is always tied properly with the clamps. A battery that is not securely fastened can vibrate and potentially cause a short circuit. Of course, this is one of the dangers that Business Friends should be able to avoid. As long as you’re careful, this problem won’t happen. If the car is often used at night, you also should not forget to turn off the lights before leaving the car. Turning on the headlights and car door lights inadvertently can damage the car battery. The power will continue to be used, draining the battery until it is empty and dry, potentially causing problems with the battery components. The last tip is to always try to check the corrosion and condition of the battery. Routinely check on both poles of the car battery. Make sure there is no rust or dirt stuck to it so that it lasts a long time.…

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How to Choose a Cheap and Comfortable Family Car

Family Car

When you choose the right family car, of course, there will be many considerations. Not only about quality but also about price is often a matter of debate. So, so as not to be confused when choosing, there are several ways you can do so that you can get a quality car for your family.

Choose A Family Car That Has Practical Features

A quality car will make you comfortable with the various facilities in the car. Cortez CT is equipped with an engine start or stop button that will make it easy for you to start the engine and adjust the steering height to adjust the driver’s posture and make driving easier.

Pay Attention To Comfort While Driving

To choose a family car, it is very important for you to pay attention to the comfort element. With a comfortable car, you can drive long distances without getting bored. A comfortable car will also make family members feel calm while in the car.

Easy Maintenance and Relieved Cab

Cortez CT Type is an MPV class with quite affordable prices and excellent features, Captain Seat seats wrapped in synthetic leather. The Captain Seat configuration provides more space in the middle because of the free space. This is an important advantage for drivers and passengers to access the backseat in the third row. Passengers who want to sit in the third seat, do not need to bother folding the seats in the second row if they have carried the Captain Seat seating configuration. You can easily walk backward through the empty space in the middle.

Car Safety Features

Cortez, a variant of Wuling, already uses the HillStartAssist feature. With this feature, Wuling Cortez users will be safer and more comfortable driving.

Hill Start Assist is a feature of the car that works to hold the car while on an incline or is often referred to as the anti-reverse feature on roads that are up or uphill. With this feature, the car will automatically detect when passing an incline, then this feature will detect the direction of wheel rotation, even if it is very slowly or slowly.

Not only that, if the car is supported by the Rear Parking Camera and Front Rear Parking Sensor features, it will be very easy for you to park the car. These two important features help you keep track of your car and prevent accidents while parking.…

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5 CVT Transmission Car Maintenance You Should Know

Having transmission car maintenance is indeed comfortable. The reason is the advantage of it is that the gear shift is not felt. As a result, jerks when driving are minimal. In addition, CVT also makes the car more fuel-efficient. Therefore, many urban vehicles today use this transmission. Although it has many advantages, CVT is not without drawbacks. One of them is if it is damaged, the repair costs are expensive. Therefore, CVT car maintenance must be considered by the owner.

Step On The Gas Must Be Polite To Maintain Your Transmission Car Maintenance

The first maintenance of a CVT car is not to drive it aggressively. This is important because the typical character of CVT pivots on double pulleys and steel belts with flexible working. If the components continue to stiffen or are startled, they may slip and cause damage. Therefore, drive politely.

CVT car owners should know that the habitat of this transmission is in urban areas. So, step on the gas slowly so that the components last. If you want to overtake another vehicle, it’s okay to step on the gas a little deeper but don’t push it too hard. Just slow down!

Make Sure To Shift Gears Properly

You can also do CVT car maintenance by doing the correct gearshift. Especially when you want to enter the opposite gear. For example, after moving forward, then going back. Do not change gears, until the car is completely stopped. And vice versa from back to want to go forward. Then while at high speed, don’t suddenly lower the transmission gear. For example from D, suddenly to L. This can really damage the CVT on automatic cars.

Change Oil Maximum 50 Thousand Km

One way to maintain the next CVT car is to change the transmission oil. Yes, the transmission also has oil and this is very important. Without oil, the pulley and chain on the CVT are impossible to move freely. Even if the oil is bad, it can cause the same thing. The effect is so skidded and can damage the transmission.

So that this does not happen, you can do CVT car maintenance by periodically changing the transmission oil. The minimum replacement is every 30 thousand km, the maximum is 50 thousand km. The point is, the harder your car works like being used as an online taxi, the faster you should change the CVT oil. If the car is idle for longer or working leisurely, then it is permissible to change the transmission oil at the maximum distance.

 Use CVT Special Oil

The next CVT car maintenance that needs to be considered, when changing the oil, make sure to use special oil. Yes, there is a CVT oil and it is different from a conventional automatic. How to find out that CVT oil is not difficult. Generally, there is a CVT written on the package. Then each car brand also has its own oil, so just adjust it to the specifications

CVT Cooler Oil Checked Periodically

Then the next CVT car maintenance is the oil cooler must be checked. Because this component can leak or be damaged. If this happens, it will certainly endanger the transmission. The effect is that the transmission can heat up and reduce its performance. If left unattended, the transmission can be damaged. Unfortunately again, leaking CVT oil cooler is not easy to detect. The reason is that there are no indicators on the car’s instrument panel.

So the most important thing is to always check the condition of the oil cooler regularly. For example, every time you change engine oil, ask a technician to monitor the transmission as well.…

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Causes of the Car Shaking When the Road

Have you ever had a car shaking even though you didn’t pass through a pothole? Well, the cause of the road car feels rocking is indeed quite diverse. For that, you need to be careful if your personal car feels swaying when used. Yes, if the car feels swaying when driving this can harm you as a driver. So, you need to understand and know the cause of the problem. Don’t let you become a victim of an accident because your personal car is not roadworthy.

The cause of the road car feels rocky when used. So, you must be vigilant. Because it can endanger you as a driver. Yes, generally these car accidents are caused because the driver does not control the vehicle that cannot be controlled. For that, this is the cause of the car that feels swaying when used on the road. Areas follow:

Damage To The Car Engine Can Cause The Car Shaking

If your car feels swaying when used on the road. So, it could be that your car engine is damaged. The engine damage is caused by an imperfect combustion process. For that, immediately check the spark plugs and your car battery. Make sure the two components are still suitable for use. So, before driving a car for a considerable distance. So, it’s good to check the condition of the engine first. Make sure the car battery and spark plugs are in normal condition and fit for use.

Uneven Tire Surface

If the condition of the car engine is in normal condition. So, the next step is to check the surface of the car tires first. Yes, the cause of the road car feeling wobbly could be caused by an uneven tire surface. It could be that the car tires are hit by nails or other sharp objects that cause the surface to be uneven. To solve this problem, you need to go to the nearest repair shop to repair or replace car tires.

There Is A Problem With The Brakes

The brakes of this car are also one of the causes of the car feels swaying when used. This is because you never do maintenance and repair on your favorite car. Yes, worn and deformed car brakes can cause the car wheels to experience pressure. So that the car feels swaying when used at high speeds.

So, it is very risky to drive a car that has problems such as shaking when used. For that, immediately carry out maintenance and repairs at the nearest workshop. So that your car remains comfortable and prime when used.

Damage to the Wheel Rims

If the surface of the car tire is still usable. So, it could be that the cause of the road car feels rocking is due to damage to the wheel wheels. Damage to the wheel rim is caused by an imbalance of one side of the car is holding the load. Thus, the axle wheels of this car are worn to the point of porous. To prevent such damage. So, it’s a good idea to always check the wheels on a scheduled basis.

There Is A Problem With The Wheel Axle

If the car you are using has experienced a collision or accident before, then it is better not to use it first. Because it could be that the axle of the car that had this accident was in an abnormal condition. As a result, the car you are driving will feel vibrated or swayed even though you are driving at a normal speed.…

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Tips for Caring for Old Cars

Car is not just a huge weight cold engine which its function to bring us everywhere. More than that the car is a part of the owner that needs to be attention and treated. Especially if the car we use is an old car that always always always always accompanied us. Yes, the old cars do need extra maintenance to remain up to performance. The following 5 tips for treating an old car. A car is not just a cold, big machine whose function is to take us here and there. More than that, the car is part of the owner that needs to be cared for and cared for. Moreover, if the car we use is an old car that has always been loyal to accompany us. Yes, old cars do require extra care to maintain their performance. Here are 5 tips for caring for an old car:

Check Your Old Car Engine

Checking the car engine must be done regularly so that your car engine is fit for driving, especially if your car is an old car that is very susceptible to breaking down and sudden damage occurs. Then also pay attention to components such as rings, pistons, and rubber supports as well as parts of the ignition system, if there are components that are damaged or have started to weaken, they should be immediately replaced with new components.

Change Oil Regularly

A car that is more than 10 years old would be better off changing the oil every 2500 km. That way, the emission level will be reduced and lighten the burden on its performance. For optimal protection, we recommend using an oil with a viscosity of sae 10-40 w or 15-40 w.

Look At The Car Feet

You should pay attention to the strength of the legs, because an old car must always be in a top condition such as the ball joint, tie rod, bushing arm, suspension, and stabilizer rubber. If there is a disturbing sound in the car, it can also occur due to the iron being squeezed between the legs.

Pay Attention To The Condition Of The Cable

This is very important so that a short circuit does not occur due to peeling or damaged cables. Pay attention to the condition of the cable and replace the brittle cable with a new cable. Worse, the damage can also cause sparks to form on the surface of the cable which can cause a fire.

Car Exterior And Interior Maintenance

Exterior and interior are also very important to consider because they will give comfort and appearance to the vehicle. For example, you can replace car seats or repaint if the paint looks faded, but if you are constrained by costs you can use the compound to make your car shinier.…

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Get To Know The Car Odometer

The term automotive today is very complex, so there are still many drivers who do not know about car components. The term speedometer is more familiar than the car odometer. The mileage meter of a car is usually attached to the instrument panel. Instrument clusters are part of the car and their role is so important and important that they really need to be considered. In an instrument cluster panel, there will usually be an indicator whose function is to tell you about the condition of the car that is being used.

In general, the instrument cluster panel is always placed behind the steering wheel or steering wheel. However,  some modern cars have an instrument panel on the dashboard. the various indicators in the panel really need to be mastered by the drivers, so they can drive more safely and comfortably.

What Is A Car Odometer?

An odometer is a tool that is on a car to show the distance traveled from the car. If the car does not have an odometer, it will be difficult for drivers to detect the mileage of the car.

The rangefinder position is usually on the dashboard of the car, which is very easy for the driver to see. Odometers are usually located near the information circuits associated with tachometers and speedometers. A speedometer is a tool that measures the rotation of a car engine, and a speedometer is a tool that measures the speed of a car.

 Rangefinder Features You Need To Know The

Driver certainly does not know the car rangefinder reading without a detector. The function of the rangefinder is to provide the driver with information about the distance the car has traveled. If you know the mileage, you can know the intensity of the work of the car.  Checking the A mileage meter is very important as it can be helpful when buying a used car. If the mileage is very long, the condition of the car is clearly worse than that of a low mileage car. The

The rangefinder can also be used by the driver as a reference for determining maintenance time and oil changes. Since the mileage meter uses kilometers or km, the number displayed on the mileage meter is expressed in km. When buying a used car, you need to check the mileage meter. Look for a car with a small number of rangefinders. That way, cars are rarely or rarely used for long-distance trips.  How the

Car Rangefinder Works

The mileage meter has two modes of operation, mechanical and electronic. Before buying a used car, you first need to understand two working concepts. With a clear understanding,  you can buy a high-quality used car.

  • Mechanical or analog odometer

The way odometer works mechanically is to apply a rotating force received from a flexible cable and is usually connected to other parts. Mechanical mileage meters are mainly found in older cars. In general, mechanical odometers are rewindable. This means that the mileage meter will move automatically as the car moves or moves backward. When the car is in reverse, the odometer will count down and this usually occurs due to the driving gear and gears.

Checking the quality of the mechanical odometer is very easy because there must be traces or signs that the odometer was opened manually and made young again. With this check, then you can get a car that is of good quality and stable.

  • Electronic odometer

The function of the electronic rangefinder relies heavily on technological sophistication, so its work is influenced by computerized systems. The computer will automatically calculate the voltage that occurs and will help calculate the distance traveled from a car.

A special magnet is placed on one of the car’s wheel frames, so the accuracy of the electronic odometer is very good. The existence of a magnet mounted on the wheel aims to provide a signal, in order to calculate the distance traveled from a car.

Check the quality of the electronic odometer is indeed more difficult because it needs to be handled by experts. Before buying a used car, you can first take your car to an official workshop and check the quality of your electronic rangefinder. For those of you who are looking for a quality used car, then you can buy a Wuling new confers car. This car has a very elegant and modern mileage meter. Not only the quality of the odometer is good, but the appearance also makes the interior of the car more elegant.  Thus a full review of the function and how the car odometer works. Hopefully, all the discussion in this article can be the best reference and can be useful for you…

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