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Finding Parallels Between Resources and Life

photo 1526738549149 8e07eca6c147?ixlib=rb 0.3Tech and Its Impact in Our Lives

Our lives are always on a constant interaction with tech and because of this has greatly impacted our lives positively. In many ways of our political lives, social style and cultural point of view, tech has grown in popularity. The amount of time an average person spends using and interacting with technology is plenty and it is therefore very crucial to acknowledge its impact in our lives.

The many ways that our lives and business have been impacted by tech will be discussed in this chapter. One major way that this has been achieved is by being able to boost the productivity of our businesses. Tech has been able to provide businesses with new ways of doing things by improving the way they used to be done, productivity, increase of sales, saving of capital and making profits have a consequence of the use of technology.

Improvement of the way we used to communicate prior to technology is also one of the ways that tech has developed our lives and businesses. This has been facilitated by the wide development of smartphones as well as the internet. The internet through the online apps and other sites has been able to making information sharing very easy as they are accessible from many apps and platforms. Through tech our livelihood has been bettered because communication has been made possible via emails or through social media, making calls has never been this easy because of technology as well as making sales or purchases online.

The traditional ways of learning in classrooms and using pen and paper are not the only ways of acquiring knowledge. The various advancement of technology has been able to improve the education system Gadgets and inventions such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets have made it more than possible to find websites that have libraries and access to university’s lessons making education be readily available on the internet.

Through the inventions of tech, we have been for a long time been able to buy things that are located on different geographical locations. Online shops work well by using tech to connect to their customers, make sales, have them be paid for and later ship the products to the respective customer to their physical address.

Construction and other building projects are no longer being drawn on pieces of paper. There is technology that are used to draw and develop any material that can be used for building structures.

Tech and the internet evolving makes it possible to search for things that can make our lives easy by just keying in some words on the net.

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