Get To Know The Car Odometer


The term automotive today is very complex, so there are still many drivers who do not know about car components. The term speedometer is more familiar than the car odometer. The mileage meter of a car is usually attached to the instrument panel. Instrument clusters are part of the car and their role is so important and important that they really need to be considered. In an instrument cluster panel, there will usually be an indicator whose function is to tell you about the condition of the car that is being used.

In general, the instrument cluster panel is always placed behind the steering wheel or steering wheel. However,  some modern cars have an instrument panel on the dashboard. the various indicators in the panel really need to be mastered by the drivers, so they can drive more safely and comfortably.

What Is A Car Odometer?

An odometer is a tool that is on a car to show the distance traveled from the car. If the car does not have an odometer, it will be difficult for drivers to detect the mileage of the car.

The rangefinder position is usually on the dashboard of the car, which is very easy for the driver to see. Odometers are usually located near the information circuits associated with tachometers and speedometers. A speedometer is a tool that measures the rotation of a car engine, and a speedometer is a tool that measures the speed of a car.

 Rangefinder Features You Need To Know The

Driver certainly does not know the car rangefinder reading without a detector. The function of the rangefinder is to provide the driver with information about the distance the car has traveled. If you know the mileage, you can know the intensity of the work of the car.  Checking the A mileage meter is very important as it can be helpful when buying a used car. If the mileage is very long, the condition of the car is clearly worse than that of a low mileage car. The

The rangefinder can also be used by the driver as a reference for determining maintenance time and oil changes. Since the mileage meter uses kilometers or km, the number displayed on the mileage meter is expressed in km. When buying a used car, you need to check the mileage meter. Look for a car with a small number of rangefinders. That way, cars are rarely or rarely used for long-distance trips.  How the

Car Rangefinder Works

The mileage meter has two modes of operation, mechanical and electronic. Before buying a used car, you first need to understand two working concepts. With a clear understanding,  you can buy a high-quality used car.

  • Mechanical or analog odometer

The way odometer works mechanically is to apply a rotating force received from a flexible cable and is usually connected to other parts. Mechanical mileage meters are mainly found in older cars. In general, mechanical odometers are rewindable. This means that the mileage meter will move automatically as the car moves or moves backward. When the car is in reverse, the odometer will count down and this usually occurs due to the driving gear and gears.

Checking the quality of the mechanical odometer is very easy because there must be traces or signs that the odometer was opened manually and made young again. With this check, then you can get a car that is of good quality and stable.

  • Electronic odometer

The function of the electronic rangefinder relies heavily on technological sophistication, so its work is influenced by computerized systems. The computer will automatically calculate the voltage that occurs and will help calculate the distance traveled from a car.

A special magnet is placed on one of the car’s wheel frames, so the accuracy of the electronic odometer is very good. The existence of a magnet mounted on the wheel aims to provide a signal, in order to calculate the distance traveled from a car.

Check the quality of the electronic odometer is indeed more difficult because it needs to be handled by experts. Before buying a used car, you can first take your car to an official workshop and check the quality of your electronic rangefinder. For those of you who are looking for a quality used car, then you can buy a Wuling new confers car. This car has a very elegant and modern mileage meter. Not only the quality of the odometer is good, but the appearance also makes the interior of the car more elegant.  Thus a full review of the function and how the car odometer works. Hopefully, all the discussion in this article can be the best reference and can be useful for you