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Getting Car Parts from the Junk Yard


As we drive our cars, we put a lot of pressure on the parts. This activity can land you in an auto parts store in a matter of months.  It also means you get to consider all of your options for buying new parts.  It’s a typical response to head to the nearest auto parts store and purchase what we need. However, there are alternatives you can use when searching for the next part for your car. Here’s what to know about getting auto parts from the junkyard.


There’s a big cost difference in car parts from online stores, dealerships and going to the junkyard.  A junk yard often has used parts still in good condition.  This can seem like a risk to some people as the parts could turn out faulty when installed.  However, many junkyards allow customers to walk the area and pull parts off for a free.  You might have to pay something at the door, but for the rest of the day you’re on your own.  All it takes is to bring your own set of tools.  Have a working mechanic review your parts so you know they’re legit.  You should know that parts purchased at a dealership are expensive.


Take the part to a friend or a mechanic who knows what to look for.  Most junkyards tell customers they are shopping at their own risk.  This is something to keep in mind as you pull parts all day.  You can try installing the part yourself and run a test.  While walking through the junkyard try to find visible parts easy to pull.   Don’t spend hours taking apart a car and the piece you want is rusty.  Auto parts in the best condition aren’t in the sun’s way.  Find parts that save you a lot of money at the repair shop.  Many automotive stores don’t mind if you bring the part in for them to review.  Use this opportunity as a backup if you plan on pulling parts from a junkyard. If you’re short on cash you can sell your broken down car to a place which will buy used junk cars indianapolis in.


Most junkyards have upped their professionalism and now have websites.  They sell used parts you can now find for that late model in the garage.  These are sophisticated databases created by junkyards all around the world.  People who prefer not to dig through the junkyard can hop online.  However, it is a bit of thrill being in the actual junkyard with your tools.  Either way, you are getting around the auto parts market that often sells high-priced items.   Remember, there’s a bigger risk when purchasing online.  You don’t get to touch the part until it’s in the mail.   Who knows what condition it’s in?  What you do know is that the photo image was great, and it made you buy.  Trust that the used part you want stands up to the quality stated on the website’s page. This is why it’s important to familiarize yourself with the entire website’s policy.