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How Do Car Turbo Engines Work and Function?

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Everyone knows that cars need an engine to run. One type of engine used in automobiles is a turbocharged engine. This one machine has a very important use in driving a car. However, few people know what this part of a turbocharged car engine means. Of course, many don’t know how this section works, works and offers benefits. Knowing the capabilities of your car turbo engines will help you better understand how important this component is to your car. Below are the details about the turbo engine in the car.

How a Car Turbo Engines Works

The turbocharger uses hot air from the engine exhaust. This application is intended to increase the pressure and density of the air in the combustion chamber. How it works, that is, the exhaust coming from the engine is not routed directly to the exhaust. Instead, the exhaust gas is first sent to the turbo portion of the car that houses the rotating turbine.

In addition, the compressor can use mechanical energy to compress or draw more air into the combustion chamber of the engine from the outside. The number of revolutions generated by a turbo can reach up to 150,000 rpm, which is up to 30 times the engine speed of a normal car. The new turbo will start working when the engine spins at a certain speed. This is because the new turbine will rotate when the exhaust gas is under sufficient pressure. The faster the engine speed, the stronger the momentum from the exhaust gas to the turbine.  The stronger the movement of the

turbine, the greater the rotation of the compressor. The air entering the combustion chamber becomes more oxygenated, denser, and has higher pressure. For this reason, the fuel-air mixture in the combustion chamber can have high explosive power when the spark plug ignites and ignites the two mixtures.

Turbo Engine Function

The turbo is part of the vehicle’s exhaust pipe. The function of a car turbo is to use the exhaust gas from the engine to rotate the propeller to generate a large amount of compressed air. There are two turbines on one shaft of the

turbo. The first turbine is a power turbine used as a player and the other is called a driven turbine because it is rotated by the first turbine. The power that drives the turbine engine comes from the exhaust gas of the engine. The position of the power turbine is in the middle of the exhaust stream, and the gas and the driven turbine rotate together, allowing the power turbine to rotate.

There is also an intercooler that usually helps cool the air for more complete combustion. The turbine does not require any special maintenance and the turbine uses engine oil as a lubricant, so the owner only needs to change the oil on a regular basis.

What are the Advantages of Cars?

Engines with turbochargers have unique advantages from an ecology point of view because they actually use exhaust gas, which is an air pollutant, as auxiliary energy for combustion. The performance benefits of this engine really depend on the vehicle itself. More modern, many believe turbo car engines are more beneficial. Cars are becoming more economical and environmentally friendly. This engine also guarantees that your car still has power.

This is information that can be provided regarding turbocharged engines in automobiles. This engine is very beneficial to car owners as it helps save fuel and make the car more powerful. One of the cars  already equipped with a turbo engine is the Wooling Cortez.  Wuling Cortez cars are equipped with a turbocharged engine to maximize personnel while driving. This car is perfect for those who like high-performance cars. Environmentally conscious drivers can also opt for Wooling Cortez, as this car helps reduce air pollution.

We hope that the information about this component will help you understand this section.