How To Choose The Right Car Perfume

car air parfume on the frontal mirror of the car with blurred green picture

The right car perfume can make the atmosphere in your car more comfortable. You can choose from various car freshener products such as Glade, Little Trees, and Ambi Pur to scent your car. The types also vary, there are solid, liquid, gel, hanging types, and types that are mounted on the AC grille.

Because of the many types of car deodorizers, you might be confused about choosing the most suitable one. Therefore, this article will discuss car fresheners thoroughly. Starting from how to choose to product recommendations, you can use it as a reference before buying

Choose Aromatherapy Car Freshener

To provide comfort in driving, car perfume with aromatherapy must be considered. In addition to providing comfort, aromatherapy can also make the mood more relaxed. A relaxed mind will make driving more enjoyable. Aromatherapy is usually produced from plant materials, flowers, or spices so that it gives a refreshing impression to the body when inhaled.

 Avoid Strong Perfume

Although the average car perfume certainly has a strong scent, you should avoid choosing a strong perfume. Because instead of providing comfort, the pungent smell of perfume can actually interfere with comfort. Not even a little perfume with a pungent aroma actually causes nausea and dizziness. To be safe, choose a car perfume with the aroma of coffee or tea because it is liked by many people and is also good to breathe.

 Gel Car Perfume

One type of car perfume available in the market is made from gel. However, in its use, car perfume made from gel should not be placed on the AC grille. The reason is that gel car perfume can cause yellow spots, crust, and even a musty smell that comes from the silicone gel used.

Spray Car Perfume

You could say spray car perfume is the most practical. Just spray it into several parts of the cabin to make the atmosphere fresh and fragrant all over. But don’t spray this type of car perfume into the dashboard area because it can cause white spots due to the drying spray The most ideal location for spraying this car perfume is under the seat because it will last longer and the aroma can also spread throughout the cabin. Once sprayed, this car perfume can last up to two days.

Liquid Car Perfume

Maybe liquid car perfume is the safest. The aroma can also spread quickly when placed on the AC grille thanks to its liquid form. Liquid car perfume almost does not give any side effects as long as its use is correct. Some liquid car perfumes can also be refilled for reuse, so it’s more economical. In addition, liquid car perfume is also offered in forms that are quite attractive, so as to add to the aesthetics of the cabin interior.