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How to Clean Car Gasoline Filter

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The car gasoline filter does have a significant role because it can help maintain the car’s performance. This part is very important, but there are still many drivers who do not know about the fuel filter. If you are negligent in carrying out maintenance on the car’s gasoline filter, it will be very detrimental to the driver. In general, the fuel filter is difficult to open, but it can still be cleaned to remove any accumulated dirt.

If the dirt that has accumulated is too severe, then you should replace the air filter with a new one. Because dirt that settles for too long will be very difficult to clean and usually takes a long time. In general, the cleanliness of fuel is very important to maintain, because even a small amount of dirt can obstruct the flow of fuel and this will interfere with the fuel system.

Dirt that clogs in the filter also makes the car difficult to start or start, this is due to blocked fuel flow. Therefore, clean the fuel filter regularly. You don’t need to bother taking your car to a repair shop, because the dirt cleaning process can be done very easily. At least there are several ways you can do to clean the fuel filter, to avoid the dirt that sticks.

Start Cleaning the Car Gasoline Filter

You can enter the stage of cleaning the filter on car gasoline. Please hold the fuel filter section and insert the hose into the inside. Then just spray the fuel filter using a special liquid. Please attach the nozzle to the spray and insert it into the other end leading to the filter and spray. Let everything come in and out of the bottle, then you just repeat this step from both ends of the bottle.

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Before you enter the fuel filter cleaning process, make sure you know where the fuel filter is. The location of the fuel filter in each car is usually different, depending on the type of car. There is a fuel filter that flows into the carburetor or injection system. If it is correct, then you can sort it back to be able to reach your car filter. By knowing its location, then you can carry out the next process.

Make Sure No Gasoline Gets Sprayed

To perform maintenance on a car’s gasoline filter, you can try to open the clamp that is on the fuel line and is usually located at a distance of Inches at the hose outlet and inlet. Clamps should also be tightened using a flat head screwdriver. Then you can close the hose using clamps and this will ensure that no gasoline is sprayed or is safe.

Prepare the Container Under the Filter

For those of you who want to clean the fuel filter, this can be done by preparing a container and placing it under the gasoline filter. Then you can open the clamp cover, then attach the filter to the hose.

When opening the clamp, you can pull the hose on the filter and let the gasoline out. If you remove all the hoses, then let all the gasoline that remains in it drain out smoothly.

Tapping Filter Surface

This method is enough to press on the filter or you can also use a screwdriver by pressing on the handle. Make sure that you can tap all the circles on the surface of the car’s fuel filter properly.

Spray Again and Dry

Then you can spray again and can spray the fuel filter with a sprayer. When it has been sprayed, make sure you dry the fuel filter for about an hour.


If you are sure that the fuel filter is clean, then you can reinstall the fuel filter to its original position. Make sure to do the installation correctly, so that the fuel or gasoline filter can work optimally.

Change Filter If Needed

If the condition of the fuel filter is bad or damaged, then you must replace it with a new one. You can buy a new car fuel filter that is adjusted to the specifications of the car you have.