December 3, 2022

How to Measure and Know Car Tire Pressure

Car tire pressure is actually an important thing that is often overlooked by car owners. Most of them do not know how to measure or know the correct car tire pressure. Even though the air pressure on car tires must really be considered for your safety while driving, it can’t be too much and it can’t be less. One of the highest risk factors due to a lack of tire pressure is damage to the car rim, wasteful fuel consumption, and the risk of a tire bursting in In the middle of the road, which can lead to a fatal accident.

Car Tire Pressure Range

Car tire pressure in general depends on the type of car used and the size of the rim. For standard rim size MPV or SUV vehicles, the tire pressure used is 3035 psi. While for larger sizes such as the R17 with a tire profile of 40 or 45, the air pressure used is 35-40 Psi.

The danger of Lack of Pressure

Inflated car tires can cause reduced comfort when driving. Research says if the car is driven in conditions of less wind pressure will result in reduced fuel efficiency by 5%. In addition, it can also cause damage to car rims or even burst car tires while driving.

Another impact of the lack of pressure on these tires is the braking system which response longer than usual, especially in the rainy season. Lack of air pressure in the tires can also cause slips or skids and reduce tire life.

Danger of Overpressure

Meanwhile, tires with too high pressure will accelerate tire wear, especially in the center of the tire. In addition, the traction of the tires will be much reduced so that the car feels swayed. This situation is obviously very dangerous, especially when at high speed on the highway, the car will become difficult to control.

Not only that, tire pressure that is too high will force the side of the tire to the side of the rim so that it can reduce tire life. Another impact is, car tires can easily burst when hitting a pothole in the road, thereby increasing the risk of fatal accidents on the road.

Car Tire Pressure Check Tool

The importance of this tire pressure, inevitably makes the Wuling Family have to always check so that driving every day is safer and more comfortable. However, by using Wuling Confero S, you don’t have to worry about monitoring car tire pressure every day.