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How to Replace Car Rear Drum Brake Pads Correctly

Car Rear Drum Brake

Car rear drum brake can be easily found on older models. But that does not mean its current use has been abandoned. When many vehicles use disc brakes or discs, drum brakes are still widely used, especially on the rear axle, and also functions as a parking brake. When the time has come, Business Friend must replace the rear drum brake pads of the car so that they can still get the best performance.

Disc and drum brakes can be easily found in all types of vehicles. However, the two differ significantly in their design and operation. Disc brakes and drum brakes are safe and reliable braking options. Drum brakes use a friction-lined type of brake shoe, in contrast to the brake pads above the disc brake rotor.

This design allows drum brakes to have a longer life, as well as lower manufacturing costs than disc brakes. However, disc brakes have straightforward braking power and better heat dissipation. This is why most vehicles with drum brakes at the rear usually have disc brakes at the front, as most of the vehicle’s braking force is applied to the front wheels during the braking process. The following are the most common ways to replace drum brake linings.

Removing the Rear Tire

Loosen your lug nuts before lifting the vehicle with the jack. If so, start jacking up. Prepare a block of wood or better use a jack stand to keep the vehicle on top.

Remove the Brake Unit

After removing the tire, you can remove the drum from the drum brake. Business Friend will look at the brake shoes, springs, and wheel cylinders of the brake unit. It’s good to clean this part. Remove the brake shoe retaining spring by pulling it with pliers. It’s easier to remove the top spring first, which will loosen the tension overall. If you have, then Business Friend can remove the brake shoes where the canvas is attached.

Installing the new Car Rear Drum Brake Pads

First clean and apply lubrication to the retaining plate on the back of the drum brake unit. Reinstall various components that have been disassembled. Put the new brake shoes in place. Reattach the brake spring

Adjust Brake

Adjust the brakes so that the brake pads expand. Adjust the brake using a screwdriver where Business Friend wants to expand the shoe until it can barely be turned by hand. Replace the cover of the drum brake assembly.

Replacing the Tire

If you have reinstalled the tire and lowered it using a jack. If the vehicle is already on the ground, tighten each nut on the wheel so that none of it comes loose.