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How to Spray Car Disinfectant Correctly

Spray Car Disinfectant

Here we convey how to spray car disinfectant. But before that, it doesn’t hurt us to find out first about what kind of disinfectant liquid is safe for car interiors. This time the Covid-19 variant is again endemic comes with a mutation called omicron. And office activities are welcome to return to activities from home. If you have free time, it doesn’t hurt you to go back to spraying disinfectant into the interior of the car. Just in case the harmful germs die. So how do you choose a safe disinfectant for car interiors?

Disinfectant liquid functions to be able to kill bacteria, viruses, germs, and other microorganisms that are lodged on a surface or object in the vicinity. Disinfectant liquid can also be made and mixed yourself using ingredients you have at homes such as bleach, carbolic acid, floor cleaner, and alcohol. However, for use in car interiors, it is not recommended to use a perfunctory disinfectant because it can potentially damage the car interior material.

Safe Way to Spray Car Disinfectant

So, how to spray a car disinfectant that is safe for the interior? The most important thing to note is the content contained in the disinfectant liquid. Tie disinfectant liquid contains a variety of ingredients, ranging from hydrogen peroxide to bleaching agents. So as long as the mixture and levels are appropriate, and have been tested not to be corrosive, then it is safe to use on vehicles.

In addition, when cleaning the interior, the safe method of spraying car disinfectants should avoid using it massively and directly hitting the panel. You do this by spraying disinfectant liquid onto the microfiber cloth first, then cleaning the parts that are touched the most, such as the steering wheel, door trim, transmission lever, hand brake, AC switch button, and others.

Because disinfectant if sprayed directly and massively can cause spots and other bad effects. In addition, it is feared that the liquid will dry up so that it leaves spots and can hit components that may be exposed to water such as LCD panels.

Car Disinfectant Price

What is certain is that the price of car disinfectants depends on the brand and size. In addition, car disinfectants are divided into two types, some are sprayed and some are fogging. The price difference between the two is not much different from each other, only a matter of practicality. If you spray, you spray yourself into the vehicle cabin. While fogging, just pull out the lever, then the liquid will come out by itself.

Disinfectant Side Effects

Do car disinfectants have any side effects? Of course, all chemicals have side effects on car interiors. The lowest effect can cause watersport alias fungus. An easy example is if we spray tap water into the car and not directly on the wipe will definitely cause a watersport. Moreover, spray disinfectant liquid that is corrosive to metal materials.

In addition, the interior should not be sprayed with any disinfectant, especially for those made of leather or leather. Because basically, leather or leather materials should not be exposed to alcohol. Any disinfectant that has been turned into an aerosol can irritate the skin, eyes, or airways, and can cause other health problems for people who inhale it, especially for children. In addition, the effectiveness of disinfectant products can also change depending on how you use them