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How To Take Care Of Motorcycle Tires To Last

Motorcycle Tires

Tires are one of the components of a vehicle that must always be considered. Given the existence of these tires, the vehicle that you use can walk and be used to go anywhere, therefore you must know how to properly care for motorcycle tires. In addition, a tire also has its own age of use. So, if a tire is worn or slippery and is no longer able to accompany your driving journey properly, then it may be time to replace your motorcycle tire. However, you can also extend the life of your tires with more careful use of your motorbike and regular maintenance. Here are some ways to care for motorcycle tires so that they are durable and don’t wear out quickly.


Always Pay Attention To The Condition Of The Tire Valve To Take Care Of Motorcycle Tires To Last


One of the easiest ways to check the condition of the tires is prime is to make sure of the valve. Simply by dripping water on the valve of the tire, you can see if there is a leak or not. A leaking valve will cause bubbles when it is dripped with water. If a leak is detected, you should immediately replace the valve to avoid unwanted things.


Make Sure The Tire Size Matches The Default Standard


To avoid things that are not desirable, you should not change the part on the motorcycle tire. Whether it’s the outer, inner, or rim tires used. This is because the motorcycle production factory has tested and taken into account all kinds of risks to other estimates related to the size of tires that are good for your motorbike.


Changing tires that are bigger or smaller, will certainly affect your driving experience while on the road. This might also introduce some other risks that you don’t want.



Avoid Giving The Motor Load That Exceeds The Limit


Motors that are often used to carry large loads or in large quantities can affect tire performance. In this case, the burden in question is not only in the form of goods but also the number of people being carried.


Although it seems trivial, if this continues, it can trigger motorcycle tires to bald or wear out faster. Not only that, excess luggage will also affect other motorcycle components such as suspension (especially suspension at the rear) to the engine itself.


Make Sure The Tire Pressure Is Correct

Tires that lack air can make your driving experience less than satisfactory. Therefore, before using your motorbike for activities, make sure the air pressure in the tires is according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.


Tires that lack air will make them wear out more quickly until they burst. This of course will endanger the driver if the motorcycle he uses experiences a tire burst while in the middle of the road.


Clean Tires Regularly

Have you ever ridden a motorbike on a muddy track? Or through puddles in the rain or even during a flood? Well, things like this need attention. In addition to maintaining the health of the engine, you also have to pay more attention to your motorcycle tires.


Dirty motorcycle tires or lots of gravel (small rocks) sticking around them can be one of the factors that trigger the short life of a tire. Dirt like this can accelerate the wear of your motorcycle tires. For that, it needs to be cleaned immediately so you can drive safely and comfortably.


Avoid Parking The Motorbike In The Hot Sun For Too Long



The scorching sun can also be one of the factors that make your motorcycle tires no longer in prime condition. The texture of the tire can become hard at any time, causing cracks on the surface of the tire.


Avoid Applying Sudden Brakes


When we brake, there will be friction between the tires on the asphalt so that the vehicle we use can stop. Of course, there is nothing wrong with braking while driving. The only thing you need to avoid is sudden brake behavior. Because this is one of the biggest factors that affect the wear condition of a tire.


Tires that are often used to break suddenly, of course, have a much smoother surface than those that rarely do it. For this reason, if it is not needed, avoid this behavior as much as possible so that your motorcycle tires will last much longer and you can save your money for other purposes.