Dropped Matic Car Battery

The battery in a car is an important component in the work system of a car, both cars with manual and automatic transmissions. When the car can be easily started, the battery becomes a component that provides great support for the action. Unfortunately, if the dropped Matic car battery, then the car will definitely die easily, as well as be very difficult to turn on. To turn on an automatic car whose battery is soaking, there is actually one step that can be done, namely by using a jumper from another car battery or from a battery that has a normal voltage. Here’s how to turn on a dropped automatic car

Turning On A Dropped Matic Car Battery With A Normal Battery

If you have made sure that all of the car’s electronic devices are off, you can start the next process, which is starting the car with a normal battery. With this process, you can start the car with a dead battery. Supposedly, a car with a dead battery can be started easily through the jumper in process.

Take Special Cable

Jumper To turn on an automatic car whose battery has worn out, you must have a special jumper cable. This cable is attached to or connected to a dead car battery with a normal car battery. Connect the jumper wires according to the minus and plus poles to work properly. In addition, position the automatic car transmission in P mode to maintain the safety of the driver and other people around him so that the car remains in the stopped position.

Turn Off All Electronic Devices

Cars Now you can make sure all electronic devices in a car with a dead battery have been turned off. Starting from the air conditioner, lights, to audio, everything must be in the off position so that the process of starting the car can run lighter.

Stabilize RPM at 1000

Cars with a dead battery that is already on should be kept running by stabilizing the RPM at 1,000 or less for a period of time, about 15 minutes or so. This is so that the soaked battery can be recharged. On the other hand, cars with normal batteries can be turned off.