December 3, 2022

Knowing Torque and Power in Cars


Torque and power are two things that are often found when reading specifications about cars or news about automotive news. However, do you already understand what is the difference between the two?. You could say the two are related, but they are two different things. To understand the difference between the two more deeply, you can pay attention to the important differences between the two in the explanation below.

What is Torque?

First, we need to understand the meaning of torque in a car, namely, the movement mechanism between the crankshaft and the piston produces a rotational movement called torque. More precisely, the direct meaning of torque is the energy released from the time the car is at rest until the car is running.

In cars, this energy refers to the acceleration of the car, the greater the torque produced on the car, the better the acceleration. The benefits of high torque speed will allow your car to go faster on the road than other vehicles in the vicinity.

What is Energy?

If earlier, torque is the energy given by the engine that is running, then the definition of power or power is the energy that comes from the engine so that the car can reach the highest speed (top speed). This speed is very influential by how long the algae is contained in the car engine. The longer the size, the less power required.

Torque and Power Relationship to Acceleration

Technicians say these are the result of two different formulas. The formula for calculating torque is the product of force and distance. Meanwhile, power is obtained from the product of torque and rpm. From this calculation, it can be concluded that when a car does a thrust, the car will produce a certain speed. The higher the torque, the more power will be produced with the same force.

Priority Select Vehicle Viewed from Torque and Power

Each car has different torque and power, depending on the type and function of the car. This type of city car will of course require different torque and power from a car with a larger number of passengers.

Torque calculation uses Newton (N) or Kilogram meters, while power uses Horsepower (Hp) or PS units. In the calculation, we can manipulate the torque value by using the gearbox. By using this tool, changes to the gear ratio will be able to change the torque. While power can not be manipulated in any way, the speed is very influential on the power generated by the engine.

In one of the Wuling car variants, namely Almaz, you will find a combination of the latest turbo engine technology and Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). CVT is an automatic transmission that functions to change the ratio gradually throughout the ratio range. This latest technology provides a much more responsive and smooth transmission shift.

In terms of power, Wuling Almaz is equipped with the latest Honeywell technology with a capacity of 1,451 ccs, where the output produced is 140 hp/5,200 rpm and 250 Nm of torque at 1,600-3,600 rpm. With an output of this size, you will have a much better driving experience every day.