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The Benefits of Buying a Used Freightliner Truck

If you’re a professional trucker then I’m sure you realize the importance of having a proper working truck, it has to be not only reliable but efficient on mileage, and able to ensure you and your cargo make it there safely. For this I recommend driving a Freightliner truck, there an American made trucking manufacturer that produces the finest heavy-duty diesel trucks on the market. You could buy new, but it would more than likely end up costing you half of a million dollars, which is why you should consider buying, used. Freightliner trucks are perfectly assembled, using only the highest quality parts, these trucks are built to withstand the tests of time and retain their driving quality. If you’re looking for used Freightliner Trucks for sale, there are plenty of truck dealerships out there who will gladly assist you. Here are some advantages to driving a Freightliner Truck.


In the world of professional trucking safety is a vital key to ensure that you and your load make it to your destination safely. This is why you should always drive Freightliner; studies have shown that Freightliner is one of the safest trucks on the road. Freightliner offers many safety features on their trucks, including, wider seats to give you a more comfortable driving experience because after driving eight hours straight you can begin to feel a bit claustrophobic.

Their Cascadia model also gives drivers a much quieter driving experience by adding more insulation to their cab, which helps damper outside noise significantly. Driving 8 to 10 hours straight can be very exhausting, which is why sleep is vital for truck drivers, lack of sleep is blamed for over 100 professional trucking incidents each year. The Cascadia model cab is designed not only to reduce noise but also vibration; this will help ensure you get the rest you need to help you complete your journey. Their trucks also use an advanced collision mitigation system, which is designed to give you a new level of control and protection while driving, by providing drivers front bumper radar and a video radar detection to help reduce your chances of a collision. The truck also features collision warnings, just in case you begin to accidentally drift out of your lane.


Your vehicle is only as reliable as its parts, which is why it’s important that your truck is assembled using only the finest quality parts. Freightliner Trucks are engineered for performance; their parts are supplied by auto part manufacturer Detroit™ with parts specifically made to fit your axles, transmission, and engine, engineered to deliver the best performance and safety.

American made

If you’re a professional trucker, often times you want a vehicle that is American made. The quality of your truck is everything, which is why it’s important to choose a brand you can trust, rather than a buying a poorly crafted truck from overseas, which could be made with inferior parts. Freight liner is an American brand that has a tradition of good craftsmanship, with almost a 100 years experience the company continues to produce cutting-edge, high-quality vehicles, that not only ensure your safety, but the safety of those around you.