Tips for Caring for Old Cars


Car is not just a huge weight cold engine which its function to bring us everywhere. More than that the car is a part of the owner that needs to be attention and treated. Especially if the car we use is an old car that always always always always accompanied us. Yes, the old cars do need extra maintenance to remain up to performance. The following 5 tips for treating an old car. A car is not just a cold, big machine whose function is to take us here and there. More than that, the car is part of the owner that needs to be cared for and cared for. Moreover, if the car we use is an old car that has always been loyal to accompany us. Yes, old cars do require extra care to maintain their performance. Here are 5 tips for caring for an old car:

Check Your Old Car Engine

Checking the car engine must be done regularly so that your car engine is fit for driving, especially if your car is an old car that is very susceptible to breaking down and sudden damage occurs. Then also pay attention to components such as rings, pistons, and rubber supports as well as parts of the ignition system, if there are components that are damaged or have started to weaken, they should be immediately replaced with new components.

Change Oil Regularly

A car that is more than 10 years old would be better off changing the oil every 2500 km. That way, the emission level will be reduced and lighten the burden on its performance. For optimal protection, we recommend using an oil with a viscosity of sae 10-40 w or 15-40 w.

Look At The Car Feet

You should pay attention to the strength of the legs, because an old car must always be in a top condition such as the ball joint, tie rod, bushing arm, suspension, and stabilizer rubber. If there is a disturbing sound in the car, it can also occur due to the iron being squeezed between the legs.

Pay Attention To The Condition Of The Cable

This is very important so that a short circuit does not occur due to peeling or damaged cables. Pay attention to the condition of the cable and replace the brittle cable with a new cable. Worse, the damage can also cause sparks to form on the surface of the cable which can cause a fire.

Car Exterior And Interior Maintenance

Exterior and interior are also very important to consider because they will give comfort and appearance to the vehicle. For example, you can replace car seats or repaint if the paint looks faded, but if you are constrained by costs you can use the compound to make your car shinier.