Tips for Extending the Life of a Car Battery

how to extend your car battery life

The battery or battery is one component that is quite important in every car. The car will rely on the box-shaped object for resources during the starter process. How long does the car battery last? car batteries have a lifetime. Even the service life can be shortened. So in some conditions, the service life or the age of the car battery really depends on the use of the vehicle itself. There are several conditions It affects the age and durability of the car battery itself. Apart from the use of the car, weather factors can also affect it.

Car batteries can last on average between 2 to 5 years. One of the most important factors affecting how long a car battery will last is the weather. The engine running under the hood already generates high levels of heat. Plus the car is used in hot weather conditions, the higher the test battery.

Hot temperatures can cause the liquid in the car battery to evaporate and damage the internal structure of the battery. That’s why the average car battery life is shorter in warmer climates. In addition to temperature, a car that is rarely used can actually shorten the life of the battery. For example, during a pandemic like now where we need a lot at home and cars rarely operate. Car engines that rarely run make charging the battery-less and cause these components to lose electrical charge. Regardless of the temperature and the infrequent use of the car, there are several things and tips that can make the service life of the car battery longer. One of them is diligently heating the car.

So even if the car is not used during a pandemic or for certain reasons, at least once every two days you need to warm up the engine. This is so that the battery components continue to function normally, avoiding the problem of the battery not being able to turn back on. After that, make sure the battery is always tied properly with the clamps. A battery that is not securely fastened can vibrate and potentially cause a short circuit. Of course, this is one of the dangers that Business Friends should be able to avoid. As long as you’re careful, this problem won’t happen. If the car is often used at night, you also should not forget to turn off the lights before leaving the car. Turning on the headlights and car door lights inadvertently can damage the car battery. The power will continue to be used, draining the battery until it is empty and dry, potentially causing problems with the battery components. The last tip is to always try to check the corrosion and condition of the battery. Routinely check on both poles of the car battery. Make sure there is no rust or dirt stuck to it so that it lasts a long time.