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What to Know About Car Parts

When we first get our license we are very excited to get on the road. Some of us get so overwhelmed that we don’t take the time to understand our cars. That said, an automobile has so many parts to it that most us have no clue on what they look like or do. That’s why its important to know the parts of your car in case it breaks down. This knowledge helps you when it comes to explaining an issue to mechanics about what is exactly happening with your car. Here are a few major parts of a car you need to know about.


Every car has one and it is the sole reason your car operates and takes you from destination to destination. They are capable of being recharged if they die and leave you stranded. Depending on how long you have had your car, you might need to replace the battery entirely or simply get a jump. That said, a car’s electrical functions come from a good supply from one’s battery. Certain types of batteries, like lead-acid ones are known to drain quite fast and are not often suggested. If you happen to leave your headlights on overnight, then you might be surprised to learn that your car is completely dead and won’t start.


Obviously, all cars have to have some kind of way of stopping it’s motion so therefore you will use your brakes. In addition to that, you will find that once driving you will use your brakes a lot. This alone can damage them over time and you will have to either get new parts or replace them altogether. Good brake parts can be a life or death situation and its always recommended to keep them in tip top shape. The braking system in a car can either be an emergency or a foot pedal brake. You can always find Honda car parts perth. Mainly, the foot pedal brakes are the first to go bad in all makes of cars.


Not too many people sit around worrying about their car’s axle or even know where it is located. However, it does play a major role when it comes to turning your car’s wheels. It is responsible for joining the wheels frontal area and also the back wheels as well. They mostly don’t break easy because they are built with hard metal.


Our alternators are the prime source of what makes a car electrics operate. It is responsible for all of the movement rotation for the drive belt. Inside a coil of wire a magnet is turned to create the voltage of electricity to get your car moving.

Car parts don’t have to be a headache when learning about them. Everyone should take the time to understand how their car parts play a huge role in their car’s function. After all, when a part malfunctions, it can stop your car completely. By brushing up on your education regarding car parts, you can better communicate with any mechanic that might need to fix your automobile.